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Redman Tv needs to get cancelled. This bloke is tripe.
Icarus505 gave the Liverpool v West Bromwich Albion video a rating of 1
German football is pleasing to the eyes. Shakhtar too, they would fit perfectly in the Bundes.
Cameleon eyes!
Poor Ba received boos and a broken nose on his return to St. james Park. Hope he comes back with a vengeance.
Never saw Ballo this determined and focus while he was at City. The change in location makes a difference!
Icarus505 gave the AC Milan v Udinese video a rating of 5
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I love it when after a home goal is scored, the announcer says the players first name and the crowd says its last name. It makes a great atmosphere.
Icarus505 gave the Inter Milan v Bologna video a rating of 5
Icarus505 nominated R. Palacio (77') for Goal of the Week
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It's make or break from here on out for Alexis. Hope he turns it around.
Wenger is a better commentator than manager.
6 years ago
People are starting to see how much of a good actor Suarez really is.
One of those commentators has his nose up Giggs ass. How much praise he gave giggs for the layoff to the first goal, more so than Welbeck or Valaencia who start...
If you listen to Tevez spanish interview, you can tell he has no idea of the accusation. Also that interpreter is very bad. Tevez also said, " Last year I was u...
Mancini is very clever. He is deflecting the poor managerial decisions and whipping they received by using Tevez as scapegoat. No one had any idea that Tevez re...
Lescott is the weakest link. And he cost over 20 mil?
If you have money, you need to invest it in your club...shame Arsenal don't think that way. They had such a good team once, a team where players went to get tro...
Haha, yes, we sure cheated ManU twice in the CL final too. All the goals Barca scored were due to the invisible blindfolds we put on the ManU defense.
This from a ManU fan who has watched his team and Chelsea dominate the EPL for the last 5 years. What a hypocrite. The only thing different this year in the EPL...
If you care about unpredictability, then watch the German or French league. If you care about top quality then watch Barca, Madrid, ManU, keep silent and enjoy.
Anyone saying La liga is two horse should say the same thing about the EPL. Last five years in EPL its just ManU or Chelsea being 1 and 2. So whats the big deal...
Cool video, even though its a bit gay. What i mean is that it starts out so gay, like if this is video love letter about dhino. Just show the cool tricks with b...
You gotta love LFC fans because they are very passionate and very dillusional.
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