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Iannk just Watched
Chelsea Vs. PSG
Absolute rocket from Bale, no denying that. Can't wait for El Clasico, should be a great one :)
Wow the entire play and lead up to Japan's second goal deserves a couple of replays!
Yeah, he's been doing exceedingly well!
Very entertaining game overall. I would have to agree that the ref did make a bad call regarding the foul on Ronaldo. In all fairness it should've been a pen. ...
This was just embarrassing to watch. Feels as though we're not even trying at all.
Gotta say, Isco is one talented young chap. Great to watch.
Brilliant performance by Arsenal.
No one can deny the fact that even the presence of a half-fit Messi on the pitch alone can make such a huge impact and turn the tide of the game. The first thin...
5 years ago
Lol @ Adebayor
@Denaro89, glad to see that there are considerate people out there who think the same! True fans support the beauty of the game :)
ITenzo is unaware hahahahaha
Shame about the offside goal :(. Can't wait for the 2nd leg, I'm expecting some asswhooping to be served on a platter >:)
Modric's long range goals are always breathtaking... amazing player!
Not even gonna lie but I very nearly shed some fkn manly tears when Villa scored the 3rd goal. He'll always be my favourite.
Such a frustrating game to watch... well deserved win for Real though. Definitely outplayed Barca.
Genuinely disappointed :(. Well played by AC though!!
Cannot wait for the clash between RM and MU!
Great match, very entertaining throughout. Can't wait for the next clasico!
Freakin Ronaldo... beast IRL and also a beast in FIFA hahaha!
Bale is a beast but that headshot looked really painful LOL
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