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PSG Vs. Nice
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Sclark wrote in On Ian23s wall
Looking at our teams, i am a little ahead of you. 455 places ahead - smackdown!
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Thursday - October 4 My team is ranked #2 That's right 2, so where are you?
5 years ago
Hey dude, You're almost in the top 50 at 51,but guess who's in the top 10? Nice!
O snap what happened to 15th place boom 130 points is all you need to get to 3rd place lol
Nice job - back in the top 100. Now you're only 59 places behind me. Snap!
On my way back up
Hey new team looks beast hope you are ready
Did you ever think any one of us could be in the top 20? On oct 30, I was 16th. What was the wager, 1 € per point?
6 years ago
Look who is #35. You still have one day to make changes in the window.
#36 you guys have some catching up to do. Top 40 - unbelievable
307 - top 150 to start is not too bad.
Goalkeeper and in freindlies im right mid
8 years ago
What possion do you play for your club? i play out side mid
O kool me 2 i play for san juan atlas bu-!4
Yes i play club and when i was playing club i blow out my acl when i was slide tackled. we are in first place on p2 and hope to qulify for p1
Do u play club
Sunderland deserved to have a win. they play excellent and to have an out of shape referee didnt help either. man u played horribly their touches where of those...
Ian23 i clicked on the wrong button sorry :[
Chealsea has really shown how powerful they are by beating liverpool without petr cech and facing the the best attacker in football
Why is maluoda playing so bad he almost lost them the game
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