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Epic wheelchair guy
5 years ago
Hahahahaha i love how Pepe jumped once Podolski received the ball
6 years ago
Can i watch it in 3D?
It's better than making a 'boobies' sign everytime you score in'it?
Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylJGS3sl6PY&feature=channel_video_title sweetttttt!
Remember robert green? lol! true that, that's why when I watch EPL, I feel like it's too easy to score. But nevertheless I like the attacking display still
Darn! the consistency of Madrid makes me excited! it's like watching a thriller and wandering "what's gonna happen next?"
I bet Pique had a good time last night
Shows that we ATTACK no matter what
Who do u think is the best coach Roma has ever had? presonally I like Spaletti, he worked hard with such small budget, and he delivered well. I like his tactica...
No, i like attacking football with a lil bit of flair in defending. just watch AC Milan with Thiago Silva and Nesta, their attacking display is also beautiful t...
I would choose Spaletti over Ranieri any day
The top 7 of the league looks strong! remind me of the "magnificent seven" era when Fiorentina and Parma were as strong
About time to shine baby!
He is making excellent saves! damn I love his play!
She got more balls
I remember when people doubted Conte before the season started. I hope Enrique can do the same for Roma
Indeed it is! and it's gonna be interesting to see Inter Milan and Roma fight back to the top
I hope for the best, but as Bojan said, we are developing as a team. I do expect them to gel faster though
I hope so too. he is a very talented footballer! get well FanAntonio!
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