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PSG Vs. Lorient
Hukie just Watched
PSG Vs. Lorient
Hukie just Watched
PSG Vs. Lorient
Disappointing game from Ronaldo and Özil, I expected much more from both of them and I think in the end they made the difference. I don't think Real played b...
6 years ago
It doesn't seem like a penalty, but I find it hard to believe that Ronaldo dived when he had an open goal if he had stayed up.
Even though Barcelona were better in the second half, I feel Valencia should have gotten away with a win. By the way it was Barça's diamond 3-4-3 that got th...
Clever play by Milan. They exposed the lack of speed from Barça's centre backs and their high line in the first goal. In the second goal you see why it sometim...
Lots of opportunities, I have to say City were lucky with the goal they scored. If the wall had jumped I don't think that would have gone in. But they deserved ...
Amazing goal from Hulk. I'm surprised the keeper's hands didn't fall off after that :) Porto deserved the win and had an amazing display, but it was unlucky fo...
A very good result for a poor exhibition. No disrespect, but we played for 60 minutes against 10 men Cyprus and the team lacks... well, so many things! For ex...
Arsenal played so bad it even hurt my eyes. They need to sign some new players now. Ramsey and Rosicky are great on the offensive, but defensively they are awfu...
Oh, I thought you were talking about this match in particular. Though I don't think I've ever seen Mourinho foul Messi :P We Portuguese don't have any particul...
@YousifSaid I honestly think Messi dived in that one. But hey, it's my opinion. And "Messi never dives"? I mean, he's the best, that's for sure, but he's not pe...
What do you mean cheap play to ruin the match? Cheap play would have been to play like Inter against Barça in the champions league semi-finals. Porto was on ...
I'm an FC Porto fan, so my opinion is obviously biased. But everyone voting Porto's exhibition as rubbish and Barça's as awesome did not see the whole match. F...
What a match, awesome atmosphere. When Guarin scored I thought the stadium was going down from so much noise. First half was bad, we could have conceded one or ...
7 years ago
Honestly I think van Persie should have been sent off in the first half when he did that to Dani Alves. It's just my opinion, but regardless how hard he hit Dan...
David Luiz finally showing the kind of defender he was in Portugal. Spent half of the game fouling Rooney. Honestly I never expected him to have any success in ...
That was a great game! Nani was not offside and he headed the ball already inside the net, but still it was very selfish of him to do something like that... G...
Fantastic game between the best teams in the portuguese league at the moment. This is what football should be like!
That second goal is fantastic.
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GK: What about Eduardo who only suffered 1 goal (which was offside btw) and made no mistakes? And Casillas wasn't good in the world cup, he was brilliant. If it...
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