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Yea ok to be fair english commentators can be biased too obviously, but the main thing that irritates me is for some reason italian, spanish and brazilian comme...
6 years ago
Nothing better than seeing that shockingly biased italian prick commentating, silenced by the result...why in italy and spain do they take sides with their own ...
Hi hugh.and thanks for the friend invite. i see you are pretty new to the site, so may i welcome you on behalf of the footytube staff. if you have any questions...
Komeni we can't be picky, let arsenal have at least one good must be hard fighting for fourth place...give him a break...
Look guys, both are s**t...
Slightly irritating that underneath every single barca and madrid match all that is talked about is which team is better (arguing between barca and madrid fans)...
Palandiell - where do i even begin with idiots like you? barcelona failed to beat osasuna the other day, does that mean they no longer deserve to be in the cham...
Thats why la liga is s**t to watch, two great teams, if only they like played IN the premierleague or something...they should really do some sort of elite leagu...
ALbokk - what an idiot...he just celebrated a goal for once without including the whole team, men don't care about that s**t, women do. weather he says thankyou...
Youneke the real 'disgrace' is how gullible you are.
Somewhere on FootyTube
Pokemon09333 how is anyone supposed to take that seriously? class is exactly what we had yesterday, we gently controlled and dominated the game, albeit with abo...
@youneke do you honestly think mourinho has not considered attacking barcelona? - madrid will lose horribly if they try and attack, they need to play to their s...
Its hanged, learn english idiots.
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