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I mean pour kkkk
6 years ago
Just hope Barcelona does not have to cheat like last time in 2009 and poor money to the ref.
@Russia watch the 2009 semi finals chelsea vs barcelona and tell me that they dont cheat to win. still cant believe the "Best" team has to cheat to win.
Manchester United is very lucky they have De Gea, he saves them from liverpool before the january transfer and now he saves them from losing that 1 point
NO its not that, it was just chelsea being stupid trying to run the f*****g game clock down. STUPID, they should try to go for 2 not stay with 1.
Thats why barcelona and real madrid trash talk all day and night in the LA LIGA
If anything no one should be against Chelsea today but be grateful because Chelsea got the race going again kkkkkk and helped other sides with this win as well,...
This is considered a racist comment: "Hoonaldinho wrote in In Ajax v Real Madrid Wow stupid white referee" I suggest you read the rules for posting on the site ...
HAHAHAHA commentator "Lescott could of gotten the wrong kind of hat trick today" HHAHAHAHAHAH so funny, no lie commentators make you laugh
At 3:15 the man in the back is waving a good bye finger to Courtois
This game reminds me of 2009 semi finals chelsea vs barcelona where chelsea was not given 5 penalties and also man how much did you pay the referee to win a fir...
Have to admit that Hilaro is pretty good. Chelsea really needs to get some penalty calls. From the CHELSEA vs barcelona 2009 champs league game till now the ref...
This year i got to give it to man u for playing terrific but imagine next year when we get torres on the full run and more brazilian players plus the return of ...
That Barcelona always has to play like this.
You should love every second of it because even that was better to watch than barcelona players playing.
Sh*t up all barcelona fans. You guys have nothing to say. CHELSEA AND BARCELONA CHAMPS LEAGUE. explain that to me please, and today Barcelona played like crap, ...
Haha this barcelona fan, dude i really dont know why you love barcelona, you know they cheat, damn f***ing referee and barcelona
This is why i can never ever like Barcelona as a fan.
Man no lie messi was good, but cmon now wtf. This shouldnt happen at all in soccer ever. Always fighting and things like that, especially in UEFA champs. Man ia...
Why the f*** does cohen push off Lee after he scores?
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