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Honestabe thought the Norwich City v Liverpool match was awesome
22 hours ago
Phenom, correct me if i'm wrong, but i think the 10 is including only penalties in the league, not other competitions? thus all the other numbers would be highe...
2 days ago
I feel like every time milner is introduced against top teams, city changes and becomes a bit more sensible. he's very composed and agreed BlackAna, very underr...
6 days ago
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1 week ago
Thanks aaron!
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Honestabe just Watched
No i just mean we were lucky in the sense that the penalty, while contentious probably wasn't actually a pen and thus the score would have been 1-1 already acce...
2 weeks ago
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@SKool, i wish ramsey hadn't been injured, this would have been a very different season for the gunners if he'd stayed healthy :/ not to say i'm not thrilled wi...
I think (hope) most liverpool fans can admit we were very lucky to walk away with 3 points today. second penalty call was definitely a tough decision because it...
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Utd look so much more classy with kagawa-mata-januzaj.
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3 weeks ago
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Livefootballvideo keeps crashing my browser :( also missed the match because i worked til 5am and slept through my alarm. usually "you'll never walk alone" wake...
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I think it was really just that one dude that was pissing EVERYone off tbh.
Duuuuude just staahhhhp no ones on your side right meow. Its not even the article you posted it's your attitude. You're uniting Chelsea Manchester (both) arsena...
They can't afford to slip up either. and neither can chelsea.
4 weeks ago
^ totally been there too ahah
1 month ago
Technically he's right
I actually feel like they have a decent chance of beating chelsea tbh.
I think they mean the last time we won a top flight title? Edit: not just challenged
Biggest in the world
Yeah i'd rather have torres, eto'o, or ba...
Smell what i'm steppin in?
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