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A good hockey game, A good soccer match, a hot girl, a cold beer, a warm pizza, and a good day with my friends on the fire department.
Warm beer, Crazy women, slow cars, my computer being out, MEXICO!!!!!!
Just for Fun (Striker) Barnet Losers
I'm a 46 year old TRUE RED BLOODED AMERICAN that loves two games attributed to other countries, hockey and soccer, go figure. LOL
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I'm CRUSHED by this loss. I hope all the America haters out there can see how the US played in this whole tournment. At times we played beautifully.
7 years ago
Landon Donovan YOU ARE MY HERO!!!! This is the American identity for soccer, HEART, GUTS, NEVER SAY DIE!!!!! Now it's time for a little revenge on Ghana for 200...
NUTS AND BOLTS!!!! NUTS AND BOLTS!!!!!! WE GOT SCREWED!!!! Now that's they way an American team plays. With heart and deterimnation. If this had been France the...
I just didn't know who to cheer for in this game. I can't stand Mexico and I think France cheated to get in. So I do feel first goal was offside and the penalty...
I think the US played an awful first half, they were lucky to get the goal, but in the second half England was lucky not to give up a goal. Overall England play...
I think the US has a good chance against the English. I wouldn't say great. But I think they have a better chance than most in England think they do. I always t...
I agree with ya Dude. The team played a crappy 1st half. The Defence really needs to work together better. The US showed signs of great brillance. Altidore made...
US had a shite game!! Of course it's the US Junior Varsity squad, I only hope the big boys play better.
Not a big Red Wing fan. I'm a HUGE Bruin fan.
Way to go England. I HATE MEXICO!!!!!!! I only wish they had won 10-0.
Great match by Inter, Bayern played a hell of a game too. These are the games that really show the passion of the game. Whereever Jose ends up I hope he finds s...
Thanks for the add Tony. Glad to see another Red Devil fan. How about Red Wing fan? Cheers!
Another s**t game by the REVS!!!!!!
Now that was quite a game. Lack of defence but overall a dramatic match. I bet those Motherwell supporters that left early felt like crap when they heard what h...
Good win to end a disappointing season for the Bees. Greetings from the Lone Barnet Supporter Born and Raised in Barnet Vermont USA!!!!
Way To Go TEDDY BEARS!!!!!!!!!
I think the US has a chance to win the group. It all depends on how they play against England. If it's the team we saw in the Confederations Cup I think we've g...
Hi tony, and thanx for the friend invitation mate, its always good to welcome new users to the site, especially utd fans, and a rangers fan i see. if you have ...
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