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Hithere, a tentacled 6-foot-midget, hails from the icy planet of Ubertron, where everything is uber-cool.

Once a powerful and noble ruler of the Kingdom of LOLcatville, Hithere was beloved by all LOLcats and LOLdogs. Under his reign, LOLcatville and Ubertron enjoyed two decades of peace and prosperity.

But the golden age would not last for long as his scheming evil twin brother Erehtih, ruler of the neighboring kingdom of FAILdom, declared war on LOLcatville in 1943. Ubertron was plunged into an era of chaos and destruction like never before witnessed. Eventually, Erehtih's mighty armada of FAILboats proved to be too powerful for Hithere's forces. In 1947, Hithere was forced to flee the war-torn Ubertron in a ROFLspacecopter. He then crash landed in Roswell, New Mexico, on a blue planet called Earth. Erehtih gained full control of Ubertron and ruled it with an iron fist.

Hithere vows to return to Ubertron one day and overthrow his brother to restore the peace on the planet. But for now, he enjoys watching football and supports Manchester United.
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2 months ago
When I saw that this thread had a new post, I knew straight away it had to be Messi related. I'm out of Emergency Transfers as well.. sigh.
5 months ago
My bad, 3 is for the emergency transfers i think? EDIT: that would count as a transfer though. Selling Carvajal, and buying him back to assign the star to alab...
Hithere is now friends with Lalim
Hithere is now friends with Thias
3 is the max you can buy per transfer
Apparently, if you're the league creator, you get spammed with email messages from the UEFA UCL fantasy league everytime someone from the league requests to set...
You can hover over the graph line to see the score breakdown
You are one heck of a betting man to go with a Chamakh/gervinho attack combo!
Pretty all round good team, especially for 120M. But who's your star striker and mid? Missing a super star MF it seems
8 months ago
I was thinking of getting Roberto Firmino too. But decided to get Raffael instead. Hope I made the right choice.
Yeah I'd say the midfield is missing one super star player. gotta make use of every star player
Hopefully yes.
A perfect hattrick of Guardiola and Alaba in all 3 teams so far :)
You don't get them. Points start from 17th aug this year.
I might as well start it off before the "official" method for sharing teams is enabled http://i43.tinypic.com/6svslt.jpg
Did u save the team after setting the star players? Happened to me once. I set the star players but forgot to save the team
Juventus vs Lazio was the Super Cup. Not counted as far as I know. I have a star Juve defender too.
Hithere updated his profile
I assumed it was a typo and Matt meant 11am. 11am BST is what it said on DF management console that the transfer window will close. Or is it not a typo?
Awesome. Thanks Matt. I agree that DF should start before the Bundesliga starts next year tho!
I hope Matt goes into the database and reverts everyone's team to the one that was on the 17th 11:00am BST and give us the points
Cylon Zombies United hithere
In a perfect system where the prices are perfect and get updated almost instantly based on the player's performance, I'd go with the 18 anytime. But Dreamfooty...
11 months ago
12 months ago
1 year ago
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