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Hillwrong just became a Rival of Manchester United
2 years ago
4 years ago
Did chelsea drawed them at the first cycle?
Stoke's performance was phenomenal~!it's was a lame given penalty!It should've been a call for liverpool's hand-ball at the first place anyways,the ref just...
Absolutely,he wanted to score in the seventh year he joined chelsea
Whom ever voted japan rubbish must be either overdose or retarded,if they watched the whole game,they ought to realize,Japan was actually the better team,and pl...
No clubs gonna buy him,not even on loan....
5 years ago
All goals are phonomenal!WOW JUST WOW
Thats why i hate MANU,coz the whole is a bunch of cheating c***s!
6 years ago
Saucy05 you're the man~!!!!! thx
Chill,u're nothing more than a jealous c**t
Feel free to to celebrate joyously,since u guys don't really have much chances to sit higher in the league than us very often; )
RVP be my valentine~!! no homo...
Balotelli is no different than Pepe,they're both assholes.
Pepe should be abandoned to play football forever,he'll never change from being a cheating,malicious c**t.His behavior is just unforgivable,he doesn't deserve a...
Why nobody mention about Sessegnon,that man was being stunning and outstanding!!!!!!
Mallorca's performance was absolutely devastating,a draw or a win for them should be a more fair result =(
Glad to see Torres gradually regaining his capabilities,as an arsenal fan i truely wish he gets back to the climax of his career!!FORM IS TEMPORARY,CLASS IS PER...
What a sensational performance by Queens Park Rangers,however Hart's remarkable saves unable them to go any further!
Re:Thbutifulgame You're either blind or an awfully biased c**t.I'm not even a barcelona fan,but what u say is astonishingly wrong and comes with prejudiced vie...
I watched the live game,and i've watched the highlights for more than 20 something times,its toooooooooo inspirational for all the gunners and gooners,but how c...
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