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Drogba's second goal was just pure strength, skill and brilliance, absolutely brilliant player Drogba- the definition of what a striker should be.
8 years ago
Hilarious how drogba looked like he got shot in the back when the athletico player just touched his toes. still a brilliant player though.
Brilliant from Valencia,it takes amazing skill to place the ball exactly where you want by deflecting it off a player. Only the best can do that.
That pansy faking tw*t Ilunga.
Seeing that cup lifted was a serious anti-climax, the match and the tension is built up so much, and then you see the prize in the end, and it so small..lol. St...
9 years ago
4 awesome goals were scored in that game. credit to both teams, esp chelsea, and to the very honourable man and world's best coaching genius Guus.
Guus Hiddink is truly a football managing genius, I truly respect the level of expertise has in his profession. Big ups Guus!
It also seems like Ronaldo is really perfecting his freekick technique, eventually I think practically every one of his freekicks will be over the wall and on t...
Also, Fletcher's tackle was clean, ref made a huge error, at most it was a yellow card(which it was not), because he didn't INTENTIONALLY stop a goal scoring ch...
I felt so sorry for Gibbs though, the guy was so hurt, I could feel it through the screen, wished I was there just to put a hand on his shoulder n tell him it'l...
Moonshine, I'm a big fan of Ronaldo, and usually I defend him when people spout their jealous rubbish criticisms, but I have to say I really agree with you ther...
Yeah, they knew against ManU in particular it was simply impossible to come back from that, but true fans are supposed to stay until the end and back the team, ...
I think that ROnaldo taking off his shirt and throwing it to the crowd was a symbolic gesture from him, basically saying that he's leaving just now and passing ...
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