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5 years ago
Yup. I just went back up to see that 2nd goal. Every single shakhtar player was defending.
I saw Shakhtar trying to defend that second goal. And when the Danes scored, some of them dropped to their knees in disappointment.
We all know that it is within the laws of the game. You are just stating the obvious. What is the argument here is the shameful display by Shakhtar. I remember...
Obviously sections of the Shakhtar team disagree with the shameful goal which is why they had initially wanted to even things out. But once the striker dribbled...
Lol. That was amusing. Liverpool fan resort to scouring the net for match highlights, making gif images, just so he can tell the world, "Guys, Suarez is not the...
Maltzies, you forgot De Gea, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra, Cleverly, Valencia, Scholes, Kagawa..
Dude which team do u supporT?
6 years ago
Hearing thousands of Liverpool fans booing a victim of racist abuse.. This world is not a good place to bring up kids or live in to begin with. Or is it just UK...
Don't mean to be rude. But that was a blatant foul on the goalkeeper. The striker impeded him.
Give him credit. He is the ONLY brazilian taker that did not blame the pitch. I was disgusted when the rest of the brazilian takers kept pretending to look at ...
Roma beaten 2-3 at home by Shakhtar D. That's one reason to watch anything else
7 years ago
The second one came from desperate defending to quick counter attacking passes leading to the goal and it really got me onto my feet. I don't even support eith...
Roma 2 Shakhtar 3 Sorry BadTripRich. Couldn't resist. My apologies, really.
Ok you win little girl. I lost on the thumbs up.
Nope. Im from Singapore.
It is on the decline, my friend. I do feel for you.
Sante. The replay shows him using both hands to push Dawson while he was jumping in the air trying to head the ball away. If he hadn't pushed him, Dawson would ...
Inter is the only decent team because they were not involve in the rigging of the games.
Seria A is on the decline after the corruption in the league. Just look at the statistics. Man Utd thrash Roma 7-1. Fulham beat Juventus 4-1 Tottenham bea...
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