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Hendo gave the Chile v Brazil video a rating of 5
2 years ago
Hendo gave the Seattle Sounders v Los Angeles Galaxy video a rating of 5
Hendo gave the United States v Brazil video a rating of 5
4 years ago
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Spain Vs. Italy
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You have got to be kidding me. that was ridonkulus
Great game and great showing for the MLS. Was on the edge of my seat.
Another hand ball and a ball that clearly crossed the line. first, Germany in the 2002 World Cup. Now Austria. USA robbed again! Clearly, this sport needs to u...
"Golden generation" or not, Belgium can't touch that.
Big day for Latin America. URU and MEX showing who's boss.
you have got to be kidding me. they couldn't replay the video on that faulty net? ugh.
Glad you liked the support in the Uruguay v Colombia match. Enjoy more: http://youtu.be/tklEVPsBYVk :)
God, I love this sport. Listen to that crowd. There is simply nothing else like it.
The Brazilians need to learn how to stay on their feet.
Absolutely love that pick and roll by muller. beautiful thing to watch.
Very excited to see jozy having such a good season. what a great example for other US players
5 years ago
Well done, Sweden. you deserve it. God, I love watching the Germans stunned like that.
These guys have a good attitude - not making excuses re bad fields, weather conditions, etc. Nothing matters more during qualifying than getting results.
Way to stay stubborn, ENG. But 9 out of 10 times, that game would have been a loss.
6 years ago
European markets on the verge of collapse. unemployment rates skyrocketing. Carlos Tevez getting paid millions to refuse to help out his teammates. what's wrong...
Woeful goalkeeping...
Gattuso is a punk.
7 years ago
That errant call against the US still makes my blood boil...
If ever there were a case for video replay in futbol, this was it. The refereeing in this match was disgraceful. We were robbed by the Germans in 2002, and the ...
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