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Agree with RedFace.
3 years ago
No fromraaange, you're mistaken. Biggest club on the planet ain't fortunate, whoever gets the nod to manage is the lucky one. Remember we ain't some under-supp...
4 years ago
Those of us old enough, remember all to well the spittle and venom Fergie put up with in his beginning; United have a long history and the last 20 have been exc...
Lovin the classy comments.....
Media generated crap; in other words, complete gibberish built on stilts.
I live in Vietnam and am constantly smiling at all the people who worship United here….. Not sure spur are about Arsenal though !
Truth hurts donit…….poor poor mandalay.
He speaks the truth….
This is muppet journo's seeing how far they can push the bullshit envelope.
Oil don't last forever thats not a joke……..
Now we know who puts the arse in arseanal….. eer how many trophy's can you count.
Bit rich for italian fans to talk about match fixing….lol
Ratboi really is the elephant in any room…. yawn
Karma's a bitch, someone had a hand in it…..lol
Q; how many of the last 8 years have arsenal ended up shooting, and shout early then melting back in to quiet. sing when you've won not when you win; do well to...
Doe's any one remember the days of pre-fergie ?
Somewhere on FootyTube
Liverpool have stood by this creep almost embarrassingly so for such a fantastic club and what doe's the donkey tooth dick do, try to leave for arsenal……onc...
Well whatevers in there they didn't buy it……
Dummy, thrown and pram anyone…….
German !!!!!
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