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Can I know whats wrong with Ba??
Injustice again... how could clear objective things like this be ignored by these referees.. this is not up to him to call!! He either pulled the flag or did no...
I love it!! Love Africa raw talent... number 10 is amazing and that last goal was magic
What a gol! lol
5 years ago
I loved the referee for calling the penalty against Ben Arfa... I wish all referees dont wait for the players to throw themselves down otherwise they wont get t...
One of the worst officiating performances ever. Really calling worldwide and in Africa to do something about it. They are ruining the game. Kudos to Burkina, t...
And before last too!
Manchester referee united... how sick... i cant believe it... how long will this last?
Suarez = Scumbag
Its useless to play good in the EPL for Man city if they are not going to get the referee advantage as a mediocre team like Man united gets. Just look at the sc...
I cant believe they didnt buy Ba or Cisse from Newcastle... and they are torturing us with a great midfield and a mediocre striker as Torres.
The scoreline does not describe the game at all... 20 Ahly chances verses 2 to Esperance who parked the bus all game long... but they were fortunate as always
Man U and the EPL officiating are a disgrace to soccer.... they are ruining the competition.... I dont know till when this will go on... every season... and mos...
Haha... it fooled me too... I only realised cuz u said
Its disgraceful to all humans how racism with its ugly and ignorant face is still among us. And strange enough Europe with all its advancement has the worst of ...
With all respect to Torres... but for a team thats spending millions right and left we should have bought a super striker also to match the rest of the team... ...
I believe alot of strikers are way better, as the Newcastle duets Cisse and Ba. Their only problem is they are not blonde!
If Man City can get the help Man U gets they will win world cup.. otherwise no use trying!
Somewhere on FootyTube
What a dive from the Referree's! Dive into Man U's lap
Im sick of Man U always getting the best of the referreing! They are a mediocre team at best! if it werent for bad officiating and luck they would have been a m...
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