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He has been brilliant for Australia this Asian Cup. The move to Swindon must have worked wonders for him. He has absolutely burst onto the scene here in Austral...
5 days ago
Kranjcar never made it at Spurs cos Harry started playing our young left back Bale in a midfield role. This was the position that Kranjcar was signed to play so...
2 months ago
Over the season I would expect Ade to play the most mins and therefor get the most goals.
4 months ago
Thanks for that Mag
5 months ago
That was such an enjoyable game to watch for me. I like that the strong defensive stats for Lamela and Eriksen are indicative of how effectively Poch's high pre...
Thanks for the review Mag. He is an Argentine international centre back who plays in Spain. I could be describing Mussachio or I could be describing Poch a fe...
I agree Mag. That is exactly the setup I see Poch playing with Spurs. Looking at that formation I honestly think we are just one quality AM away from being a ve...
6 months ago
Micah is a good player. His development has suffered due to lack of game time and injury at Shitty. He is a top notch squad player who can do a good job at righ...
Fair enough Mag. I understand how you feel. I just know if I was Lovren I would wanna get the hell out of Dodge. The Saints are going down in a year or two and ...
I understand Mag. You have always felt that way when players pull that s**t. I think his big complaint was the fact that Lovren was not even told of the 20+ mil...
I feel sorry for Capoue. I think he was terribly treated and Sherwood cost him a world cup place. If I knew my only chance at the cup was to move in Jan I would...
1: Davies. A quality left back is vital. 2: Lukaku. I honestly think he is the answer to our striker problems for the next 10 years. 3: Veltman: He is brilli...
So the silly season is upon us. It's the transfer window and from that windows ledge do we gaze on our hopes springing eternal. It's a dreamy vision of tide cha...
So the silly season is upon us. It's the transfer window and from that windows ledge do we gaze on our hopes springing eternal. It's a dreamy vision of tide cha...
I'm actually very happy about Davies potentially coming. Left back is our biggest problem position and he has done really well at Swansea whenever I have watche...
Ok get to grips with playing a standard 442 first off. Up front play with a deep forward in support mode and a Target man in attack. If you don't have a target ...
I lost all respect for Ferdinand as a coach as soon as he said he doesn't believe in defensive mids in the premier league. I would say he can just go back to be...
7 months ago
Thanks for the update Luso! Vucinic is actually a good player. If we can get him cheap he could be a very useful addition. Anything around 7 mil would be good ...
This is an article explaining why Spurs and Pool target the same players. It's essentially because both clubs hire separate companies to provide recruitment adv...
The only position that Spurs actually need a signing is at left back. Everywhere else we have enough depth. The reality of the situation is that we can improve ...
8 months ago
10 months ago
11 months ago
1 year ago
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