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I'm a big Holtby fan but for all of his work rate he wasnt very creative with his passing or really great beating a man off the dribble. Defensively he is not g...
4 days ago
Thanks guys. I appreciate the encouragement. I only post for the benefit of the forum. I agree with you isnotfish but apparently Suarez is off to Inter. Thanks ...
Yeah i agree with everything you said Amputsz but i tried to anticipate what poch was thinking re lamela. Im glad you liked the post but I don't think anyone el...
5 days ago
So we have made a couple of astute signings so far with Wimmer and Trippier. Both are young with lots of potential who add depth to important positions for us. ...
6 days ago
So we have made a couple of astute signings so far with Wimmer and Trippier. Both are young with lots of potential who add depth to important positions for us. ...
So there is one position I think Spurs desperately need a player and thats in central mid. We need someone who is a very tough tackler with a high workrate and ...
2 weeks ago
Fair enough mate. Dier has developed faster than i have expected so maybe he is only a season or two behind him. Regardless Bartra is the type of quality Dier n...
It's good to disagree sometimes Fayjay. It provokes discussion more than simple agreement. One thing I want to point out is that Bartra is definitely capped for...
I think its a very astute signing if it doesn't collapse or get hijacked. Our delivery from out wide is pathetic for all our pace from the wing backs we have ve...
Am I the only one who thinks Bartra would be our first choice centre back over Dier. I didn't think it was even a contest to be honest. The only reason Bartra w...
AVB came out and saif Bale was not leaving a bunch of times. The reality is it not his decision and saying that to the media is just as often a negotiating tool...
3 weeks ago
I think this season past was the extra year Lloris gave us. Teams were after him last season but he stayed and gave us one more year. I think he could leave for...
Releasing him mens you pay out his contract without any of the bonuses. It's not cheaper if all the bonuses are performance related. Meaning if he gets mainly g...
I reckon Wimmer will need a season to adjust to the speed of the league but apparently he is quite strong and physical already. I think he will be an improvemen...
I'm all for Llorente to be honest. The thing about tall players is that they don't rely on pace meaning they are still very effective in their 30's. He is very ...
I think if we sign a central defender then he has to be first 11 quality. If he is not better than Dier then we don't need him. Dier is young and has time to wi...
1 month ago
Its a result of our high pressing game. When we stand off men we hold our shape better meaning less players are exposed and forced to make desperate challenges....
Defoe like Hernandez like Soldado like Lennon thrive in a system with traditional wide men. This worked when we played under Harry and Tim. Under AVB and Poch t...
2 months ago
I think Lamela gets one more season at Spurs to prove himself. At the end of next season Eric will only have 2 years left on hid contract. This means Levy will ...
Hernandez is a poacher style of player. he hangs around the box and looks to tap it in. Spurs don't need that kind of striker. It's the reason Soldado has strug...
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