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Https://twitter.com/BreatheMessi/status/822909071296761856 Lol what has happened to this guy 😂😂
1 day ago
Neymar is short of confidence in front of goal and Suarez could be better with his passing. Apart from that, it was a good performance. Thought Digne was great ...
3 days ago
It's not even about the results. Some of our performances there have been plain embarrassing. Really hope the team breaks the curse today.
United are barely hated by any Barcelona or Real madrid or bayern fan. Most are just indifferent to Man utd, but don't hate the club. As SA said, every single ...
4 days ago
If man utd were winning as many titles as Barca, they would have received the same hate as us. Since they are meh right now, people just sweep it under the rug....
5 days ago
Sampaoli has done a terrific job, but don't forget Monchi. Man has made so many shrewd purchases during his time at Sevilla. Sampaoli also made a come and get...
1 week ago
Sampaoli ftw !! :D
We need a controlling midfielder with Iniesta getting old. Veratti is the perfect Xavi replacement and I hope we break the bank for him
I wouldn't give him credit for Suarez and Neymar signings. Suarez is the best striker in the world and it doesn't really take a genius to buy him. As for Neymar...
Zubizaretta chose Douglas over Asensio back in 2014!! What a specimen
Really wish he'd stayed with us longer (though it was his own fault that he didn't).
3rd goal from fk in last 3 games. He is insane
We have a huge problem on the right side. Rakitic has totally lost his form or he doesn't know what to do without Dani Alves. Roberto is a makeshift RB( a very ...
2 weeks ago
It was the most obvious bait I've ever seen. Come on SA, you can't be falling for it
Biggest L this club has received in its history . Even the signing of Chyrginski isn't as bad
Lol this league is so corrupt, it's actually sad
A treble, duh. Winning the league undefeated is nice, but all you get is one trophy. And the general perception is a team that's good enough to win the league u...
Sevilla coach Sampaoli said he would love to coach Barcelona one day and that it would be a pleasure to train Messi. Would you guys take him if Lucho doesn't re...
His decision making is scarier
SiF: I was just using your logic dude. You can imply that bravo did that intentionally to hand Barca the advantage, but we can't imply we threw away the game at...
3 weeks ago
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