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Not even surprised to hear Hunter thinks Neymar is the problem. He said Neymar wouldn't fit into the squad even before we signed him. Hunter never really gave N...
11 hours ago
I don't know about others, but I am proud of him. He got far less minutes than what he deserved this season, but every time he has played, he has given his abso...
3 days ago
Tata is too scared to make changes when it's necessary. I don't know why he is trying so hard to keep cesc happy. He has been horrible and still makes the start...
This guy has gotta go ASAP. I heard he is the main reason we first started showing interest in Song. What a useless move it has been. Though the entire board is...
5 days ago
Not gonna happen. I think it will be Frank De Boer or Luis Enrique or maybe even Roberto Martinez
At least our youth team will have won something this season ;) Congrats to them, it was kinda expected though. The 1995/1996 generation is one of the best gener...
It has to do with tactics as well. Our wingers aren't bad players. Alexis is a beast with Chile and a completely different player. Unless we tweak the system, n...
1 week ago
Its a clear sign that the team ran out of ideas and got desperate. I would say its the manager's fault for trying to make us play like that, but I understand hi...
Wow overreaction much? We couldn't beat them because they knew all too well how to stop our style of play.
2 weeks ago
Its no coincidence. Rosell is a corrupt thief. The sooner this board goes, the better it is for the club. God knows where all these guys have done corruption
Well said. I'm more worried about the damage to the club's reputation than the punishment itself. Shameful idiots running the club
We would have won this if not for Courtouis. The dude is a monster
We have won all the big games recently with this lineup. I can understand why he doesn't want to change it
I hope he considers staying one more year. I heard Barca are willing to let him reconsider his decision and offer him a contract any time. It would be a win-win...
3 weeks ago
"I have never wasted a FK opportunity before in my life"
Absolute beast. What a player!! Bet all PL teams will be begging for his signature this summer
Wenger wouldn't be good for any big club where trophies are expected. He would be very good for midtable clubs though
Think another one of his major flaws is his positioning. Its really poor from what I have seen. Sometimes he stays out too wide and doesn't know when to move in...
Well, whatever lets them sleep at night. :D
Great game . Great win. We really need to find a solution to our height disadvantage. Get a 7 feet tall CB perhaps. Lol
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