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Hardstone wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
Roger Johnson, definite flop. couldn't help BC, couldn't help Wolves
5 years ago
Skill, mos def!
6 years ago
UMM, I think you might have made that up so here goes my made up chant. USA to Canada (no tune required) "You're Even Worse Than WE Are !!"
Dempsey continues to prove he's a world class player
I'm not convinced Balo did it on purpose. I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt. I didn't see him look at SP at all and he was clearly off balance. I ...
That was the stupidest, most blatant hand ball I have ever seen!!!! RED RED RED
Mine too, I'm not exactly proud of that, any suggestions for international deals?
I guess I would need to know how easy it is for a player in the PL to opt out of a contract? Are there any kind of "No Sell" clauses? In the MLB there are claus...
I like the pint glass!
I'd like to say I'm a big PL fan, and I live in the US.I think it's the best football I've ever seen.Due to the fact that I'm in a different time zone and can't...
Relagation is great! As a fairly neutral fan, but one who loves the English game, i would be very disappointed to see a fixed roster of PL teams. For one, who s...
Hi dreamfooty14, see you're new to FT, me too. We also like the same teams. RU a New Englander? I live in VT. Footytube is pretty great, I've got to see alot of...
Well I guess it's not that bad, but I never want to miss a chance to bash JB!
Nice to see a win. the better the US gets the more the hate's gonna spew. Kinky, I think you're sh***y and your commentary has a long way to go in my eyes
How come no ones mentioned the sick 'fro Felaini rocks? Oh and I think Joey Barton's hair might be the greasiest 'do this side of Grease
He meant it! you know he meant to do it!
I have never seen better. without Footytube I might nver have seen that goal. THANK YOU
Had to call in the riot squad HA
It's kind of crazy how great the offense is, but how poor the defense is. AW should have BIG worries!
Tactics come from the manager first, don't blame Theo for a poor game plan
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