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Pfft, gomez took him clean out
7 years ago
1 point actually
Man of the match, Rooney
I.m sure everybody thought the same when Barca played Inter last season but Inter still beat them and went on to win the cup
Boring ? united's season has been far from boring, i'd prefer to watch a united game than a madrid game anyday of the week
I see your point but the oposing goalkeeper being absolutely incredible doesn't warrant the rubbish, lucky and average votes.
Park is a fantastic player, don't ever underestimate his ability.
It's because the RW is Valencia's position and because he actually passes the ball
How could anybody vote other than awesome for united, it was an utterly incredibleperformance, it could of been a huge scoreline for us if Neuer wasn't in goal,...
It only takes a second to change your mind so don't think he's bayern's yet
You can have the F.A cup but united have the premier league & guarentee'd Champions League play next season. and why every time United win we're lucky ? instead...
At which part in my statement did i say i prefer to play dirty ? there's nothing i love to see more than some beautiful play, but when it isn't working then you...
You haven't won the F.A cup yet so don't get too cocky
They don't win titles because they put playing beautiful fotball before winning
No it wasn't, watch the whole game, united were the dominant team throughout
I don't care whos stadium you're at, or who you're against, you should go for the win in EVERY match... and it really annoys me when littler teams try and play ...
If Chicharito's lucky after 19 goals for United, then what's Torres after his 1 goal for chelsea
No they didn't, watch the full match, not just the highlights before you go trying to dish out points... united were the dominant team through out, the only thi...
Shup up Muttbagz, Liverpool played fantastically
All in all, united were the better team... one of the most exciting matches in this seasons champions league and all anybody can talk about is how chelsea were ...
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