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No-trophy season for Barcelona? Their fans disagree: 1 Euro Super Cup 1 Spain Super Cup 1 FIFA Club Cup That's 3 meaningless trophies played over 4 games. Bar...
6 years ago
I think you still haven't gotten over the trauma of losing two UCL finals against UEFAlona. I know, it sucks.
Wow. This Barca troll is on a whole new level of ignorance and jealously.
That dude's been trolling this video for the past 20 hours with the same 4-5 lines. I mean, just how bigoted and angry can one be. It's sad.
Two Barcelona sore losers? How ironic.
Haha, you still mad? You've been trolling with the same line for the past 20 hours. Give it a rest, sore loser.
Chelsea will go down as the ones who beat Barcelona in history, like it or not :) In 2009, Barcelona drew with Chelsea 1-1 on aggregate but progressed on away ...
I see some confusion regarding the offside rule. It's simple. You CAN be in an offside position legally if: 1) You're in your own half when the ball is played ...
Best at what? Dribbling. I can see that. Taking penalties? No. Being a complete player (headers, freekicks, long shots?) No. He's super-human at dribbling, ave...
Another example: the first and only goal-less Champions league final that ended in a penalty shoot-out: Milan vs. Juventus. Surprised anyone?
Italian teams sit back for a penalty shoot-out. See Spain vs. Italy (Euro 2008).
You're not offside if you're in your own half.
What is all of this talk about the 83-82% possession? UEFA match report indicates that it was 72-28.
Agreed. Chelsea were anything BUT lucky. 2-0 down, one man down, and they picked themselves up and made it 2-2. Barcelona were simply poor at finishing their ch...
LOL. A classic one for the ages.
Barcelona fan's latest excuse: Torres was offside. *facepalm*..Learn the rules.
Ha, I knew that a Barcelona fan would bring up those cups sooner or later. Let's see: European Super Cup: 1 game cup. Pretty much ceremonial. Spain Super Cup: ...
Barcelona is such a one-man-team. Messi plays bad for the first time in Europe and Barcelona gets knocked-out. Oh wait.. Messi already scored more than 50% of t...
Smug, arrogant, childish, and full of BS: Barca fans in a nutshell.
Sweet revenge. Hoping those two goals broke as many Barca fan hearts as possible.
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