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5 years ago
He does not deserve an extension...he's reaping the rewards of his conduct under AVB.
No son. These players have gotten rid of many top managers who they don't like. AVB was trying to get rid of the player power that everyone know exists at Chels...
6 years ago
Torres is 100% correct. AVB was lost for words. He know deep down that his striker is right, his body language says it all. Shudda shipped Malouda out...
Malouda what is your position? Are you a forward now you annoying creature? I pray everyday that you get sold. All you're concerned with is scoring and personal...
Rubbish team...are you high? West Ham are the best team of the bottom 3. I think they should stay up becuz they are a decent team
Kalou, Torres and Benayoun deserve more time on the pitch. Malouda is still a loser for me..the fact that he only plays with "certain players" in the team and l...
7 years ago
Malouda is so annoying...running around like he was doing anything great before that bundled in goal and talking about strikers getting chances. Has he been doi...
United supporters and commentators(yes I said it) have quite alot of shady reasoning. I have heard many commentators discuss penalties awarded to United, with t...
Wayne Rooney my back foot....Wesley Sneijder, that was a goal....in your FACE !!!
United have finally lost after their many brushes defeat. I was starting to worry that Chelsea was the only team that could beat them. Well played Wolves, lots ...
Coming from the team that had their second top scorer being "own goal" last season. A team that got (and continue to get) so many points that were undeserved du...
United never won cuz they did'nt deserve to win. Vidic up to his old methods of defending, doing things only United players can get away with.Mr Own goal is off...
Cuz its a site ruled by Man United fans....We are the minority so we take what they give us.
Revenge is sweet indeed. Good to see Barca loose as I knew they would. It seems everyone is now CONVERTED to the idea that playing free flowing, sexy passing do...
Nice victory for the blue army. I was most impressed by Drogs who showed (for those who never knew)that he can provide good passes and put others in areas to sc...
All of your responses point to what was VERY clear to see... Spurs could have played better than they did....history should not have affected their ATTITUDE to...
You Surf cannot be expected to see past your own shadow...let alone be considered of sound mind. Years of brainwashing can do that or mental retardation.
8 years ago
Wow !!! extra bowl of LUCKY CHARMS worked....City deserved a point. But as any decent football fan will declare...Manure are the LUCKIEST team on the planet...g...
I'm VERY interested in the approach Spurs will take to the Manure match...A whole week off and a technically better team overall. Will they LET Manure win??? ...
Yeah everybody should fight like there lives depend on it or like they want something when they play Chelsea or other top teams....and then roll over @ the site...
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