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Also Guardiolas face.... priceless lol
6 years ago
Wow, i guess it is true, without messi and xavi barcelona are nothing hahaha
Against barca real madrid was nothing! oops sorry
Obertan looks really bulk, hes got muscle now.
Chealse who!!!! liverpool who!!!!! and next season united will come even more stronger.
7 years ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
Nooooooooooooooo, damn it fergi stay, u cant go, pls
Yeah thats right, the blackpool match was mad, evra was bleeding, thats the premier league, not like the spanish league that the same two teams are always on th...
The only reason chelsea won was because of a PENALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!, poor performance of chelsea, no wonder their bad this season, but in OT will be a different ...
It looked if totenham was playing at home, and to think that milan are top of the italian table, wow!!!!!!
This shows you why english football is superior than italian
Well said bro, I didnt feel so bad anymore after I saw this game hahaha. ANDERSON S....ts on Fabregas hahahahaha.
Your welcome. what a comeback, after i saw this game I felt laugh, happines and consoled too hehe. Best game of the season so far MAN UNITED FAN btw.
Hahaha and I thought Man United had it bad hahaha, this game is going to be the talk of the season. OMFG just amazing I wonder what will they do against barcelo...
Hahaha somebody finally beat us, I knew this day was coming, even ferguson said we were gonna loose one day hehe. Oh well we are not about breaking records but ...
Hahaha typical gunners complaining, I hope barcelona trash your asses in the champions league. ANDERSON SH@#$TS ON FABREGAS!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA GLORY UNITED.
Screw u, that is what campions do, amazing comback, besides what are u doing here go commment on your own team
Somewhere on FootyTube
Anderson is class his becoming a top midfielder, his speed is excelent, i would like to see him play next do diarra. ANDERSON SHITS ON FABREGAS
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