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What united did with rooney was what the club required at that moment... you should not forget the examples of jaap stam, beckham and keane just to name few. it...
5 years ago
Dude you are really something... you cant understand a simple logical point. What i tried to make you understand was rooney was winning trophies so when he put ...
Arsenal fans bringing in rooneys transfer saga to this whole RVP issue, how can you even compare rooney's case with RVP??? Havent united won titles in last 8 ye...
LOL awww u cant face the fact that your club can never be real giants in europe heck even in PL???? deep down you really know that you wont be anywhere close to...
Dude you are still disillusioned i think. you cant comprehend the simple point in the whole argument... when you compare chelsea and city with other clubs like ...
@Pukaki Yes man united broke all those transfer records because they have been generating money themselves and they use that money to buy players no rich owner ...
My comment had nothing to do with nationality itself if it looked like that i am sorry for that. It was more like the leagues mentioned in my comment previously...
UR tHIcK IS aS wRong As UR sPElliNg.... :)
GUttEd, AngrY, dISaPOINTEd... nOT onLy BEcaUSe OF tHe rEd CArd (WhicH was a HUGe faCtor NONE the LEsS) bUt BECaUSe OF cHANcEs thaT Should HAve BEEn ConveRteD in...
How is messi above ronaldo? this boggles me ... ronaldo has fantastic stats with real madrid ... he is as imp to RM as messi is to Barca .... both win matches ...
1.That is true about the El Classico only, don't exaggerate. If you really want to see their behaviour,again go back to 09 and 11 against your team Did i say ...
Well before MU fans chelsea fans have been talking about barca. They shudnt have been in the final in 2009 in the first place only if it wasn't for that bald al...
WAT LOAD OF RUBBISH U ARE WRITING HERE ... real madrid fans have the right to go at barcelona and no one else can say anything to them coz RM have just started ...
WAt a DoucHEbaG thaT VAldEs the BAldEzZz is.... :/
Come ON UniTEdDdDDdD !!!!!
@Fatimarmcf Yeah RVP kinda choked and giggs should have just taken the bloody shot but he didnt so yeah that was bad but how sure are u if playing back in there...
LOl So muCH hate for utd coz they drew real???? i think if persie had scored that chance people would have still voted utd rubbish or lucky.... Now what i wanna...
WtF.... o_O
Why so many lucky votes for good sunderland performance...??
Well all people that were saying city did it last year and they can remove the difference this year too, forgot that last year it was just 6 games but this tim...
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