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Arsenal need a defender equal to the skill level of van persie as a striker and they would be competing for the title. offense alone will not get you anywhere i...
6 years ago
1. People that are saying that was a dive clearly do not play football. When you play and you are in the box and you get past the last guy and that guy kicks yo...
Everytime i finish watching a video on RUTUBE i feel like somebody b!tch slapped me
Barca B dominating like this..? Barca is clearly the best team in the world no matter how hard it is for EPL fans to comprehend. 70% possesion with the average ...
And i guess you do? aguero goal of the week? your an idiot buddy.. check out the goals of the week and ull see he doesnt belong in the top 5. your one of those ...
Aguero had about ten chances... he is the most selfish player on that team and could have had 3 or 4 goals... his goal is not even close to being gotw in my opi...
I can do one thing... cry and whine like a little b!tch.. haha
This is goal of the week?? lol i didnt know man u had that many haters. clearly not goal of the week ... if you dont believe check out martinez or schlaudraff g...
Napoli always a pleasure to watch... nice goal pandev
Really boring game ... tie would have been deserved .... the goal was all Dzeko and he never gets any credit. Same as last game when silva should have scored a ...
R.i.p villa boas... great job liverpool you guys played with a lot of heart... funniest part of match sideshow bob's dive in the third minute when he got a yell...
What an entertaining game... seedorf's pass and ibra's skill, KPB beastly goal and messi pass .. just dirty. penalty or not barca is going far this year no doub...
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