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@azaa__m what happened?
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@marlerjm ...God said rest not, don't get food if you're hungry. The heart of sabbath resting is taking time to consider the goodness God
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@marlerjm again, the Pharisees made something of the law that was not actually there, all in their attempts to "do" and be "right" by God...
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@marlerjm I appreciate your humility, it is refreshing in a dialogue that is often characterized by arrogant rebuttals @dreverettpiper
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@marlerjm @dreverettpiper where does it say not to eat on the sabbath? Even the Pharisees didn't say you couldn't eat...
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@marlerjm @dreverettpiper Christ responded that he did not condemn, but followed with "sin no more". Stoning not needed, but it's still sin
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@WestminsterTS Singing Psalm 19 with Dr Poythress and the NT 123 class. Can't think of a better way to begin the semester at #WTS.
5 years ago
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@SixersCEOAdam @it'd be crazy to be able to say #ImSitting76ersCourtside
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@LizTeleha also, if you meet any cousins of mine in Wales, tell them I say. Hello. Pugh is a Welsh name.
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@LizTeleha say hello to Arsene and Theo for me. We need 3 against Stoke
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I repeat, "Gun control begins with societal reform. Simply removing the firearm does very little."
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@theDougMorrison I don't understand how this has anything to do with Christians. #confused
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@NotBillWalton your jabs are unoriginal. The beautiful game is going to dominate the US. Where will you stand when it does?
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@Garrett_Love @studie32 Worked kamp with a senator and went to college w a football player. Now they tweet each other. Weird. #worldscollide
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Cardinals Hall of Famer Musial dies at age 92 - RIP Stan the Man
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@P0TUS because if 3000 people died every day over a year that would equal one million people. That's more than 11,000 in a year
Man, those uniforms were super confusing.....until one team scored four and played really good defense, then it wasn't so confusing who was who
Granted, France got a nice little gift against Ireland during the last WCQ
Should have been 2-1 France. I swear, in 10 years, some report is going to come out that says Spain and Barca paid off the refs back in 2012. I mean no disrespe...
Dont think i ever remember seeing or being able to say that a goal by the US was of the "world class" caliber. but that strike by bradley was world class. prett...
I've been thinking this for awhile as well. being able to buy and sell at a profit or loss would make for a wonderful new element in the game. I can't imagine a...
Whoa, come on folks...give us americans a chance. don't hate, some of us are coming around to love the beautiful game.
The US needs to find out what Dempsey did from the time he played as a kid all the way til now and then make every single kid in the system copy that. goodness ...
6 years ago
I can't even begin to describe how terrible colorado's passing was. wow....and this is why American soccer gets a bad wrap
Dont worry, we'll find a way to screw it up and miss out on more trophies next year
Is that footytube? or just whoever is uploading the videos? im honestly asking, not necessarily trying to defend anyone. just not sure who uploads these things
Are you speaking english?
Dont care if this was just a friendly...this game means huge things for the US program
Honestly, the TW stuff is the only thing I wish had been different. I just want to know when they will be throughout the season at the start. Otherwise, you can...
For anyone else reading this, you can report cyril2k10 by clicking the report button underneath his comment. do yourself a favor, eliminate racism.
Mourinho...again, can't act like he's been there. up 5-1 and he's still jumping out of the dugout like a little girl when they score the sixth.
Arrested development reference?
Ronaldinho and explosions in the sky. a can't beat combo.
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