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9 months ago
He was sick.
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Ummmmm West Brom does count. We all saw it...and it's on paper... And why be a dick when he's saying something positive about your team
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10 months ago
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I used to see so many other clubs fans comment, but now that Arsenal are doing well they are gone.
Hard to pick between the three for man of the match.
It was his first game back. He'll be fine.
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@Chukchuk Ah, I see what you did there
1 year ago
What does that comment have to do with the Arsenal game?
You can still enjoy and support other teams...
I agree with the Utd supporters on this one. Chill out @Fabricass
I'd rather drop below everton and not waste time in europa league.
Can't really call Rosicky terrible. It's not like he's been playing much this season to get into good form.
How was i hating? if anything, i was defending you by telling him to leave you alone.
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Yeah that's the kinda situation i was thinking of. Some traffic free highway in a open desert type area, but of course idk if there's anything like that in spai...
I agree with all of you
WiL...leave the guy alone, hasn't he already been beat on enough this week by madrid and it's supporters lol
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This really doesn't bother me... what else are the cars for if not to go fast. It's their choice to have fun/put their lives in danger. I'd speed if i had any o...
Bhakundo, you realize you just supported a bad thing by wishing death up this guy right?
I agree on what you say about our attackers, but i'm not ready to give up on Giroud. I like him. He's slowly been growing this year and could possibly blow up n...
Thank you spurs fans. Giroud is great on his day, and rarely is he just horrible. Always works hard it seems like.
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