Gunn3rcesc (Cesc Fan) wasting 10 hours to make the dreamfooty
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Lol..We have BFG and I am sure he will have something to say about that :)
Well I am not so sure. I thought it was a hand ball and a good decision. We were awful today, no excuses.
Congrats on the win you guys. Schurrle was terrific, and right when you needed someone to step up. Good luck on the title run.
Well Koscielny did raise his hand and there was clear contact. I am not sure if it was deliberate though.
Giroud is extremely good with building up attacks..but against team like stoke who are too physical, he can be ineffective. I am sure against Swansea next, Giro...
Koscielny hand ball inside the box.
It is games like these when we need quality strikers upfront who can take that half chance and produce something.Giroud is good holding the ball and involving m...
If we beat united tomorrow, the question that should be asked is not "Can Arsenal beat the big teams?", rather the question should be "Can the big teams beat Ar...
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Never knew he married former miss spain..wonder how much that hairstyle of his had to do anything with it !
As a bonus..enjoy this one as well..
1 year ago
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