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It's 150 USD to send it in to Sony. I would let its completely sit off for 5-10 hours with no electric connected. Use compressed air on the front vents and vacu...
7 months ago
9 months ago
Please tell me "stick" was an intentional triple entendre. If so, you win the internet today.
10 months ago
So you mean being from MO, he declines to make an MLS team there when we sold out the last two friendly matches? St. Louis will keep going in the shithole until...
11 months ago
Non-Arsenal related: I've been bouncing an idea around with making a footy based CCG (Collectible Card Game) using maybe a 5-a-side system with character cards...
I highly suggest Company of Heroes and its expansion. Resource system demands expansive play and keeps skirmishes constantly going. Tank management system is be...
Fastest half I have watched in a long time. Might be seeing a sending off today as well. Great game, just nervy.
This is how we played 3 years ago, not patience or shape like we have been showing in the league this year.
I like that he and Chuba seem to have a great understanding already from this vid.
12 months ago
This team is so tired and sloppy. no one moving into spaces to open up passing channels.
1 year ago
Defense is not awake today at all.
Fair result, but it felt like we could sneak on in. If only once of those two lovely moves at the end of the first half were finished.
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