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Aguero + Messi and Silva + Fabregas. I could watch that all day...'
6 years ago
Yep. He really is amazing. Assist after assist. Tough as nails too..
..I hadn´t seen Arsenal play such fluid football in a while. Pure class and credit to everyone. Sure, there were some sloppy play, but overshadowing that was g...
I think if everyone took a trip thru Fernando´s head, we´d all have proof (first hand) that it was a shitty miss. Yea, the keeper was right in front of him an...
Thumbs up for regretting that you let this play.
All these people who think Arsenal won't finish in the top 4 are absolutely crazy. They may not win the league..but have a good chance as always... Wait and see...
Um yea. Anytime a topflight team from across the pond doesn't beat a team that used to be called the "Wizards"... is just a shame.
Wonderful seeing the Gunners back in action. Great, typical, classy Arsenal goals. Props to Jenkinson, Ryo and Ramsey + the rest of the squad. Well done. Also.....
Gervinho - Tevez - RVP up front? Probably impossible that AW would go for something like that...however...I would fear for every back line in the league without...
It is when you get knocked out of the cup by Braga.
7 years ago
Good rant...but come on. Ineligible.
You sure? :-/
I certainly did. amazing.
Yikes, City. Of all your thousands of stars and millions of pounds, you couldn't get a single win? Aware that there was no Tevez, Silva, Jong, Toure and 100 mor...
Great compilation. i think he'll fit right in at Arsenal as well as in the EPL..
8 years ago
Right, well, no need to repeat everything about the Ramsey-Shawcross incident. Intentional, no, but reckless, absolutely. We all wish Aaron the best and a speed...
There you go Stuart Holden! Welcome to the EPL!
Nicely done Saha. And once again...great seeing Donovan adapting well in the EPL.
What a great challenge by Gallas. And pure class from Diaby. Come on Gunners!
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