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Guardiangel is now rivals with Kingaliali
4 years ago
Young has got a really good shot at the olympics this time in swimming
"sidewinder" kick...yeah right commentator...
@stephane the world does not evolve around u..alone..get over it or just find another site...
Hes gonna leave u if ur manager play him in the cm...he stated that he wanna be a striker..a main one
Hy danny where were u 8 years back when ur club was struggling just to get to top4,yes exactly...nowhere to be sumthing then talk
Cannot blame them for thier performance since 2-3 years back
No disrespect but its been like this for 7-8 years now...not that i hate arsenal but they have this second half season hiccups each year...but i rather see arse...
Hulk need a better team mate obviosly
Cris Angel DiMaria Ronaldo...what a combination...seems like they just add a 100million on thier bench
Didier Drogbaaaa
As much as i want bale to stay but the likes of ronaldo n bale on the same team are making me wet my pant
I wouldnt mind Drogba to re-sign with us if we cant get wooney...class is permanent,true arsenal nemesis
He is talking about current milan is a decease tht came when ur team not winning any big titles for years
He scored 22goals in all competitions last season,its just his premier league form hasnt been good and inconsistent...
Calm the sh*t down billy,i wasnt aware of tht...wasnt meant to heart anyone feeling...not everyone on here aware of tht so dont assume
Germany can play just about anyone on the field and they'll start working as a machine..very sleek and high technical football
Podolski is always been like this,inconsistent at club level but beast mode when it comes to national matches..ask bayern...
Wallcot was very selfish in this match sums up england performance average at best
Benteke and lukaku upfront are deadly pair with de bruyne precision passing theyll be tearing apart team in world cup hpfully n make it further..
In ur dream
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