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Gsmsn wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
Guys manchester united won... score 2-1...
7 years ago
@Cantona97: y u blaming Rooney, he played well in this match... loosing a spot kick is not a gr8 thing... even C Ronaldo missed a penalty in the finals of champ...
I think its lack of a good defender... even though Vidic is a good cb he didnt maintained it properly... the thing is Everton played awesomely.... they utilised...
Dude did u see the match... Rooney was only the player involved in all the goals... then how could u neglect him...?
Ya... u r rite Walcot actually deserved it in the world cup...
What r u saying man Rooney is the spearhead of Manchester United and Chelsea is their main rivals then how it will happen yar...
Hello and thanks for the invite. Have a glorious season as we regain what is ours!
Oh alright then. It's Ok. i wont die or anything. :D Well thanks for explaining. ^^
Hi shebin, and thanks for the friend invite, i see your pretty new to footytube, so i would like to welcome you on behalf of the footytube staff, and hope your ...
I am sorry to say that u r my rival, its only bcoz u r a Chelsea fan, if u were any other team i wont be ur rival. sorry...
Hey how come I am your new rival? Oh well don't worry then I'll live.
I like the pics.....
This guy is coooooooollllll
Very cute pic, he is a great footballer after all...
He is more cuter than now....
Wow, is it really him...
Hi, Bernard.welcome to footytube. As like u i am a new face to footytube i don't know much more about footytube. But, i know this is a good site where a person ...
It is from england... from there it was shifted to germany
Thank for your add. i voted for you and good luck!
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