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It's Tuchel from next season on.
2 years ago
Greyphantom thought the Bayern München v Borussia Dortmund match was good
Sascha Mölders is my hero since he scored 2 with his ass in one game. Legend! Face like a baby, body of a lumberjack. :) And now he is the one to break bayerns...
Both Skippers injured in one Match. Leverkusen would have made us walk the plank that day... Cards: Jens Hegeler 58. Min, Emre Can 61. Min, Sokratis 69. Min, Go...
Greyphantom nominated K. Honda (60') for Goal of the Week
Uhm what about the first half?
Greyphantom nominated I. Olić (69') for Goal of the Week
They did not show the 1 1/2 penaltyscenes afterwards..
Greyphantom just became a Rival of Bayern München
Congratz for the first win in the top league after so long. ;-)
Greyphantom nominated H. Sakai (41') for Goal of the Week
The riotpolice protected the ref from player attacks. o_O
Gudmundsson who??? :D
Stop complaining people. At least the commentator shows some emotion, unlike the majority of the german commentators who try to be overly serious but bore the s...
There is actually a RULE. Stop making up stories. I think Arsenal should finally get a new manager. Times up for Wenger there. He should move for the Bundeslig...
Terrific game! I love both teams.
Disagree! WORST game of the weekend. It was a torture to watch. Look at the defences.
Just pls! Win this finale! I wan't to see the bayern faces!
Watch out! We got a badass over here!
You diserve a medal!
Most probably a dive :DDD
This evening I told my study collegues to come and watch the match (and buy me drinks ;-)) because this match was about to be a legendary leg. Well, I was watch...
5 years ago
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