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Football clubs I support, Arsenal FC and Real Madrid, they just broke my heart a little when they sold Ozil. Internationally Die Mannschaft!

I also enjoy reading good books, historical fiction is a favorite. I'm a world war II buff and a Russophile, my girlfriend is Russian and I love her very much.
Bad referees, most barca fans, i.e the trolls and bandwagon supporters, however I do respect the true barca fans who are rational calm and down to earth. And don't like barca because simply cause of messi
Just for Fun (Forward)
I like football, I've played since I was 6 years old. I got scouted at the age of 13-14 by a local amateur club to come try out for their team the CISC Samurai, after the scout saw me score 9 goals in one game which our team won 12-3. He found out who my parents were and we all talked after that game. The next week I was playing competitive soccer for the CISC Samurai and we took 2nd place in an Alaska cup tournament, the next season we got the cup. I played right, center, and left attacking mid. I also occasionally played as a lone striker/target-man because of my height I was an aerial threat and had a powerful header, I could also score with both feet quite naturally. I was often our set piece/freekick specialist. I would play as a keeper cause of my height and reflexes at times too. There are no competitive teams to play for as an adult in Alaska, so I take intermediate soccer as a class at my university so I can keep playing. Most people who also take the intermediate soccer class aren't that good. Some of the players however, are just a talented maybe even more so than me, which is great cause I love a challenge. So now in that class I get to feel like a ronaldo/messi and an ozil/xavi when I play, but it's all just for fun and exercise. Scoring goals used to be my specialty when I played for the CISC Samurai. I always try and score a goal when I play but I've matured into a player who now likes to be the play-maker an provide assists.
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Beautiful strike by Ozi11. COYG!
3 years ago
MESUT OZI11, Oli G, and Day GUY! COYG! North London is Red!
All easier said than done huh?
Once again, stubborn Arsene trying to show the world that they can win pretty and almost lose! When will he take the FIFA tactics OFF of ULTRA ATTACKING virtual...
....and if that doesn't settle it, GD goes into play right?
Thanks will do!
Hey, Alaskan Gooner here... MSNBC doesn't seem to airing the AFCvHC match... any west coast Gooners know where I can get a live stream?
We need TW14 back and we need to stop over complicating our attacking and stop throwing both full backs bombing down the line with the attack at the same time. ...
When is Wenger just going to realize he needs to play a 4-2-3-1 and with Ozil as the No. 10 and stop with this 4-1-4-1 nonsense. Santi and Ozil need to be on th...
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