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@Kaiba imo Jose would never use Willian(or Oscar) as a b2b alongside has been the trait of Jose side that they dont get outmuscled or overpowered in...
2 years ago
The notion that Mourinho cant deal with a packed notion is silly imo and sillier is the notion that Chelsea have lost these matches to small teams due to Mourin...
Yeah seems like Jose would agree with you too in regards to Luiz but for now he is the best of the lot....if Jose wanted to mould him into a b2b midfielder he w...
Just buying a new striker wont help with all our problems but it definitely would be a start.... when Jose came to Chelsea he had to start from scratch rebuild...
Ok, sounds good! We'll be glad to have you back once you are ready
Thanks for the words of appreciation....I am disappointed in myself more than anything else and will take a leave from footytube for sometime....i would want to...
I wish you would reconsider leaving. The warning stems from how potentially serious the issue was involving Hillsborough. At this point, you've not been restric...
Well i truly apologise for yersterdays turn of events and admit that in the heat of the moment i would written things which would have been construed the wrong ...
You asked if I could come explain my comment: You said, "^lol Liverpool fans have a weird penchant for destruction and even weirder way of showing disgust.... ...
^looks like you missed the point again even after my 1000th reiteration..... that incident i brought to light in the initial comment(though i could have worded...
@BlackAna so let me get this straight....your 'evidence' against my argument that Hansen(and the rest of the ex Pool pundits) are blantantly using media to jus...
^Hillsborough's mention wasnt meant as proof of Liverpool fans character but rather unfortunate(and not deliberate) involvement of the club's base in the trage...
A lot of work has to be done on our attacking game and it cant be started until we get our striker this summer....thats why Jose had to change his approach mid-...
Oh this has just started....wait for media wankfest if/when Liverpool actually wins the damn thing...some fans here were saying earlier that it would have been ...
Imo after the defeat at Villa Park,Jose missed a trick in starting with Torres against Palace instead of Ba when Eto'o was injured.....Torres is short of confid...
I loved watching Salah play today (apart from the finishing ofcourse)....he is the player i expected Willian to be,a willing runnner(meaning running into pocket...
I agree...Salah gives us a different dimension than our other AMs....Willian,Oscar,Hazard all are too similar and hog the ball for too long,none of them willing...
Lol i cant wait for Jose to put Pellegrino in his place again....
For me 2012 CL run was at another level of nervousness....we were certainly out of top 4 by the end of the season(even Newcastle finished above us lol) and had ...
Nice find!!! About the Courtois situation: "Thibaut can play,that was never in question.... IF the manager picks him" On the UEFA statement: "We will check ...
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