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We're used to ABU's such as yourself mate. Nothing delusional about being the most successful team in English footballing history now is there. You win some, yo...
5 years ago
When the beer wears off what you wrote and you'll realise what a delusional wagon you really are. Do aliens exist aswel do they?...Someon...
Bring on the ABU's. Chelsea self imploded, despite spending obscene amounts of money this transfer window. Ivanovic? School boy error, You're taught at 6 years ...
6 years ago
Its called 'losing your bottle' mate, it happened Liverpool in the 08/09 season
As I predicted. History and players who play for the badge and not for wages is so important when playing for titles. City have neither. Away to Arsenal next we...
Aside from the whole Suarez/Evra circus Utd played some vintage stuff and we have Scholes to thank for that. The guy is a human sat nav. Pure class
Agreed. Hes a good player
Spurs are quality.Another shrewd piece of business with Saha. Gonna be such a tough game against them at the Lane next month.
Zambia!!! Team-spirit triumphed over individuals!!
AVB is history I'm afraid. Sacking Ancellotti was idiotic
A liverpool fan with an arsenal avatar? You sir, are an idiot. You should plant potatoes on the anfield pitch that way you have something to lift in May, becaus...
Easy decision..lead with your arm and you're getting a yellow card. simple. The guy is a complete and total idiot, he should stick to darts
Because he had Toure and Barry in his back pocket
As I was walking home from work last week I noticed a Liverpool season-ticket nailed to a tree. I thought to myself 'I'm having that!!' 'cos you can never have ...
Haha, brilliant mate
Mr Blatter has outdone himself this time, between himself and Platini they're "Pinky and the Brain", Blatter being the former of course. Fans are fast becoming ...
RVP has skill? Hes a prolific striker with a hammer left peg
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