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It would be minor miracle if there is top 4 finish.. they were lucky Stoke have 1 day less to rest and good tactic by Wenger to put an extra fresh RVP during ti...
6 years ago
Man utd is just aiming for barca's necks this season. they have overtaken liverpool's record already, so they are not in such a rush. man city has a truely tale...
I wish the magnificent one touch passing build up to Sevilla's 2nd goal can be included in the highlight reel. Then surely it will be voted as goal of the week....
7 years ago
Youngunz, if arsenal plays in spain they will still be top three, plus no more crooked refs and leg breaking under sir alex secret services. but i doubt barca c...
MOTM also - Koscielny
It's not so easy for you guys this time cos Silvestre is gone. Now i see you got no Pique for 2nd leg maybe even Puyol i tell you Arsenal will get some away g...
If Barca plays in england they would be mid-table cos of injuries. :D In spain now its a serious crime against country if you injure barca players.
What a weak.. pussypants send off! Was hoping to hear 'GO GET EM GUYS! SHOW EM WHAT U MADE OF! They do have a good team this year though, England's game gonna ...
Big teams usually don't do well at Craven Cottage cos they are used to 6 star hotel treatment and Craven's locker room is still like 1 star motel.
8 years ago
Hmm maybe Ancelotti received orders from Italian prime minister to put 3 at the back during 60+ minutes?
Okocha once said, '' You don't know yet what Kanu can really do''.
All hail Emperor Song * He kick started most of gunners' attacks. Diaby is really a funky playa.. Not easy to shake him off the ball anymore.
Thanks for the effort. We need to remember Bush Sr is now Obama Sr and it's never gonna change much cos the votes are for the same gang.
I'll tell you why its not a penalty , I watched the whole match. Minutes before this penalty incident, Eboue was clipped on the knee in the box but the ref did ...
That's how Xena plays football. I'd like to wrestle her in my jacuzzi.
What a superb pass by elano :O~~~
Looks like claire danes in the crowd? lisandro,, almost as good as eduardo's coolness.. brandao did a roberto mancini flick, brings back the memories.. llrois p...
Never forget King Kolo's kung fu chop on Shearer. The current team may not be invincible yet, but just wait till everybody's fit, then you know what is scary.
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