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3 years ago
A fantastic win for valencia despite the dodgy penalty. busquet and xavi went awol on the counter attack, again. barca looks lackluster, what's wrong in the d...
Buddy, manu will change it's club name to everton if moyes asks. and die-hard manu fans can go to the theatre of dreams to watch live matches of past 13 years...
I don't care if epl is 'best' league in the world, or barca has messi. this ajax is simply marvellous. pardon my ignorance, is 'bojan' the former barc's bojan?...
The goals seem so simple, yet so clever. what a joy watching the arsenal play.
The commentator quipped, 'moyes finally gets to see everton beating man u at old trafford! unfortunately, he's the man u's coach'. i thought man u had a good...
Fantastic win for frank and ajax. is it wistful thinking that ajax could play in the ways which cruyff has something interesting to talk before he dies?
Thumbs up to ozil. off the ball, he moves into space; on the ball, he scores. after he scores, he thanks his teammates.
It's great to see kaka in swing of his things again.
I'm very happy for ozil and arsenal, but sorry for ozil's ex-real madrid team mates.
Pepe certainly didn't do a 'hack' of a job did he?
I bet wherever pepe goes, he need a few bodyguards watching his front and back.
I sympathise with Ozil. but i reckoned Isco is highly promising. i hope he outshines millionaire players in the team.
I doubt so. he'll get to ref in many more of real madrid games.
I'm a fan of kaka. i had hopes for milan. let's see how it progresses in the season
And spurs is exciting to watch again. the last time it happened, they had rick villa-ardiles-hoddles-archibald.
The first goal is a wicked grounder. just wicked. the second goal, his defenders were disorganized. even if he conceded all the 3 goals, the team failed to sc...
5 years ago
To win games in spain, all you have to do is to keep sucking up to general franco. oh wait, he's dead.
Tito will need to something about team camaraderie. the way barca players celebrate each goal is somewhat different now; in past seasons, it was common to see ...
Barca's good fortune.
6 years ago
Carrick alone can't direct the play, its too simplistic. barca's team play can easily shut him out. fletcher could have done better. 1 xavi or a messi won't s...
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