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4 years ago
Don't have to be not bias when your country is represented in any way
Option for who, Mandzukic... He'll be a starter in München no doubt.
6 years ago
In fairness, in terms of suspension Bayern also have 3 players suspended,,, and to be honest I think Chelsea have better depth in their squad...
3 players from Muenchen suspended and 4 from Chelsea,,, shows you to be the best team in Europe is not solely based on having the best starting 11...
Almost half end up moving to other team,,, just saying...
Its culos Jabez36...
This is something impossible to understand for La Liga fans...
I agree with SeanPaul Chelsea squad have a great depth, however if Madrid were in the final but have Alonso suspended then it will be a bigger blow to them...
Wow UDECHILE is clearly an idiot,,, what I am saying is loosing player for the final can go both ways,,, Real and Muenchen have not play who knows they end up l...
Don't you forget Inter,,, also played with 10 man,,, granted we lost the game but qualify nonetheless.
Why people are surprised when Torres scored, his form in CL is not bad at all...
Don't worry in a couple of years they will...
I see Madrid qualifying for final but loosing Alonso in the process...
Not necessarily, Muenchen might loose Lahm and Madrid might loose Alonso and Ramos among other players...
Messi is Flop of the Match... Miss Penalty = cost the game,,, simple as that...
Lol @ Jabez36...
@ Jabez36 No body cares about what you think either...
Well Munchen can loose Lahm and Madrid can still loose Alonso and Ramos,,, loosing players for the final can go bothways...
To be honest I don't see Barca as a football team, I see them more of an 11 man Futsal team...
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