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Nasri and arshavin were both carrying nock from last game! wernt 100% fit
8 years ago
Lool, ye u wudnt break your arm or leg, an then start shaking it about wud ya! ha
The italian way!! roll around on the floor crying ova nuffin, pussy italians
Cole offers alot of attacking threat to their game down the left
Lool, aint this the 1st time you have got past the group stage in how many years?? dont giv it all the talk till u can eva prove it
Lol smokedead? they have won it last 3 years. and countless times last 20 years? what history doeas chelsea have? NONE
People r trying to say that you 1 man team cos rooney is scoring nerli every goal you score. obviously people are going to say this as scoring goal after goal, ...
Lol fucile flew himself to the ground when fabregas gave him a nudge lol!
I hate to fink wot he's going to do in the finals this summer!?
He's reffing at the world cup!? oh my
Bad time to buy him i guess?
Bendtner played very well considering. he held the ball up well, got important headers, and didnt stop with his effort.
I find it discracefull that alen hansen condoned that tackle on match of the day!? wot is he on, neva hav i known a 2 footed challenge, studs up, in the air to ...
Thas cos he neva gets booked, cos he is too far up the FA's arse. he is on of the worst in the premiership for diving! everygame almost
Thank you Incuteration! Everton will take over as the best side on merseyside! a proper football team! aot of respect for them
Lol, the fact that it was once, and then he got cleared of all charges?? ngog. . gerrard. . mascheranoo. . kuyt. . i could go on, all cheats
Thank you! someone else who actually saw kuyt launch himself in fornt of fabregas and throw himself to the ground to make it look like contact!
What is wrong with all of you, it got nothing to do with bendtner? ye he went down to easily, but at least there was going to be contcact if he had stayed up. E...
Fabregas didnt push kuyt down? kuyt juimped in front on purpose and pushed himself back on to fabregas, to make it look like contact, then thru himself down? Ch...
Lol, liverpool just trying to find excuses for themselves! and trying to turn the attention away from their players who constantly dive! Gerrard! spent more tim...
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