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He needs a few sessions with a Premier team but yea i'd love to see him back at United.. its gonna be a sad day when Sir Alex retires but when he does i'd say M...
5 years ago
Salary cap throughout football... problem solved!?
6 years ago
7 years ago
Nani's last 2 goals hav been on his left so theres no doubt there that he comfortable wit both feet
Yea but everythin Jamesutd has said is acctually true unlike ur "drivel" ha.
Thats exactly who is was thinkin about readin through that. Keano
City on da same level as UNITED haha dont make me laugh, United r playin poorly enough an city still cant do anythin against us
Lol giggsy signin till 2050, i'd say he would if he could
Thats rotten! we need addias 2 sponser us an sort da kit out there makin way nicer kits!!
I was watchin da l8 nite poker the other nite an 1 of da pros had a united cap on da guys name was smith cant remember his first name, he's an american, heavy l...
Good job we were 4 -1 up haha, an da comentater was funny as ha
Lol. yea mick hucknall an ian brown i was gonna say
Great video clip, no sorry unreal video clip thanks
Would of deffently changed the game alrite
I didnt get 2 c the whole match but watched the first 20 mins after already knowin da final score, an Ashley cole seamed like da only person playin, iam no cole...
Haha delighted they cheated there way in 2 da WC inn da first place haha. Va Va Voom ha
U gonna share it or wot???
Shes not as bad as i expected 2 say shes marrieing a gay guy haha
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