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I am not bald since i pulled all of my hair out..... ciro man of the match....i hope he starts heating up we need another threat up front
1 day ago
I say slight advantage to you guys. Hope for 2 crackers.....and of course with bvb progressing!
3 days ago
Jeroen (didn't know it was you at first, nice new pic) I am not happy with our form in the ucl.... The only reason why we topped the group is because we had a ...
I also have a feeling about city
1 week ago
I have said this all along, Miki has great pace great movement good passer but he can't finish. This is NOT a surprise to bvb fans........our #10 needs to scor...
Interesting like up....sooooooo i guess i'll be OK with a draw. Happy we topped the group. I am more interested in us picking up play in the bundesliga. I ...
No excuses! we needs to figure this out soon....I honestly believe we have the talent to be the 2nd best team in the bundesliga but we are dead last. I honest...
2 weeks ago
Walk a mile in these shoes (bvb fan)
3 weeks ago
Here we go again guys.....see you tomorrow!
Its my fav thing to do, its now time to play guess that line up: Here is what I want to see: Immoble Auba----Kagawa--Mhiki -----bender---gundogan--...
Petr will cost too much money.... On Mitch it is hard to tell because we only see him in the dfb cup. Only true tests were vs baynern 2012 final, bayern 2012 ...
4 weeks ago
I have herd stories how bvb are looking for a keeper. I don't see anything wrong with Mitch taking the starting spot after Roman leaves. What do you guys thin...
1 month ago
I disagree, I think Auba is best on the wing. Look at our goals vs bayern. It was due to Auba speed on the wing (i know he was used as a striker for the game)...
On sunday bvb kept trying to go up the middle to Auba, when his strength is on the wing....interesting.... If our plan was to go up the middle, Immoblie should...
Overall happy with last night but here are a few thoughts that i had that i wanted to share; I was shocked immoble wasn't starting. I really want to see him g...
We will see what the team is made out of vs bayern. I think that game with have a "champions league atmosphere" to it. We can't beat the worst teams in the bu...
Great game yesterday.....lets keep it up vs hanover
At least the banwagoners are falling off
2 months ago
Well im am officially worried......call me negative but I don't see us finishing top 4. Our squad is very talented, but i think psychology is our worst enemy ...
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