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I was one that wanted his return. I don't think he will gain his old form (at least not right away) but his play will speak louder than words ever will
1 week ago
I am also looking forward to him as well. I feel bvb did a great job with this lad, if we was to sign after the Euros his price would have doubled.
2 weeks ago
Yea...bummer man! I would take Gotze over Andre (i think i am the only bvb in this boat). I don't think Schurrle would be a good fit for us. But TT knows him...
1 month ago
I agree with you that it will take him a bit to get adjusted to a new league
Apparently his going to stay and not renew his contract, he will leave for free next year... that what I have read....If that is the case I hope bvb sell him
Huge talent, but has trouble staying fit.... it took him a bit to regain his form after his 1st injury....Once he comes back it might take him 4-5 games to get ...
Yea i'm not sure about this one as well.....we will see how the rest of the summer plays out
At least Wiegle made the team
I can't believe the order the PKs were taken
2 months ago
I honestly don't think gotze would fit in LFC....I could be wrong, I don;t really follow LFC
You didn't watch bvb vs lfc?
As am I.....we gave up because we thought we were through....urgh!
Sure did........Seville is a good team....i had a feeling they would win it, after all this is their competition
I hope you're right
With our last 2 games...i have no confidence about the pokal final..... lets get it together!
What do you guys think of the new kits......I'll grade them a c+
Super pumped for this move....great pick up
He would be a solid choice....i really don't know any players outside of bvb.....shall be intersting
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