Gomlee (Erik Hella) What on earth is Moyes up to?
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I'm a college student in USA studying Mechanical Engineering. I played for a year and a half on the University's soccer team, i usually play striker or wing. Now i play intramural ...
Ive lost track of football so i joined 2 keep up
BruscoACM (Chris Brewksy) from Woodbridge, Toronto, Canada
Armed Lions! We are marching We are the Lion's cave the lions, lions, lions, lions We are the lion's cave Blood! Violence! The Lion's cave! Milan! Milan! Milan!
Cbenson1989 (Craig Benson)
CHELSEA61 (Rylan Hart) from Winnipeg, Canada
Hello guys,my name is Bryan!I support Manchester United as my favorite team,been supporting united since I was only 6!I am not a glory hunter,and will support United no matter what ...
Hi im a Manchester united fan, i have a ps3 and I play fifa games regularly.
Dgrant117 (Darren Grant) United States
University student in the USA studying Criminal Justice, currently a fourth year student. Been a United supporter since I was 12 years old, the first match that drew me in, was ...
Donnchadh (Duncan Hamilton) from Flagstaff, United States
Love footy and beer. And a big fat joint in the morning haha And my name is Duncan, I've got three brothers who I love dearly more than anyone or anything, cept for maybe this c ...
Eplfutbol93 (Willie Cunningham) from Rochester, United States
Whatever will be will be, We're going to Wembley.
Francesco2286 (Francesco Rengifo)
I support Manchester United since 2000-2001 and my biggest hero's in football are: David Beckham, Van Nistelrooy, Scholes,Cristiano Ronaldo,Ronaldo,and Ronaldinho.
GCKKPK (Gisli Charin Kimworn)
Gooner94 (Kathleen Buik)
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