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Chelsea and Mou play a high offensive line and attack the back four continually with pressure. So, Tottenham played right into Chelsea's tactics by failing to w...
I could watch this 1,000x. This is Karma for everytime ManU somehow escaped at the death with a goal.
This united team is average at best. If it were not for Van Persie and Rooney and De Gea (their world class talent) they are like an Everton or a Tottenham. Thr...
It a lack of quality not Moyes' fault. You United fans are so used to winning you have taken it for granted and the reason why you won which was ferguson. Fergu...
Thank you jermaine pennant. what a reckless fool.
You obviously don't play football. You always test the ref in the early going of a match to see what you can get away with and to see how strict or lenient he i...
Do you see why referees should swallow there whistle and let them play? Today looked like the EPL 15-20 yrs ago. The no call on the penalties or the possible re...
All of your "attacking" comments are garbage. If you were all in charge of Chelsea you would win one game 5-0 against some bottom level team and the next game a...
Bc Abramovich wants chelsea to play like Barcelona and both Xavi and Iniesta can create and defend anywhere on the pitch. Mou wants Mata and Oscar to play those...
Also Mignolet was brilliant take nothing away from the goalkeeping, world class
This is a perfect example as to why Lukaku is not Chelsea material yet. He should have scored 5 goals today.
It is good to say France put in their place.
Yeah go play FIFA you have the football IQ of an american
Mou is a genius. He is taking the best player Chelsea has and asking him to become better. Mou always does this with his best players he gives them a crisis to ...
What an ignorant comment he has scored two goals. Sturridge is playing well no doubt but he holds the ball too much and is selfish and takes on players one on o...
Its bc mourinho has immense confidence in the squad he has not bc we can't afford or attract them
Lewandoski is a realistic target they'd rather sell him to us than bayern but the reality is rooney will be a blue by the end of the transfer window if united c...
In all fairness it wasn't the US' first team either.
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