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At the age of 20, i witnessed something i never expected to ever see in my life. On 8/28/2011, Manchester United defeated arsenal 8-2. The worse lose to that team since 1896! :D
funniest jokes and pictures relating to this victory -
Wenger after the match.......

Wenger- Honey, i'm home
Wife- Do u want something to eat dear??
Wenger- No, i'm not hungry...u can eat alone
Wife- No, i 8-2 :D
I'd 8-2 be an Arsenal fan right now.
Monday morning.
Arsene Wenger's wife to Arsene Wenger - "Wake up. Its 9 already"
Arsene Wenger - "f**k...When did they score 9th?" :D
Pictures -> http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_CkHU0s0QsYU/TMMEGHCQZDI/AAAAAAAAA2I/rTMYBigJ0_o/s1600/arsenal+coffin.jpg


Of course this is not the end of arsenal and they will bounce back even stronger.

In other news, my fav. national team Netherlands IS WORLD NUMBER 1!!!
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Says the city fan. your team will most likely be the reason why they finish outside the top four. Assuming you win the game against them ofcourse :D
1 week ago
Leicester pulling this off was always highly unlikely. You would have to be high to have bet that they can pull it off early on in the season. Hell i would say ...
We can beat them guilt free. spurs next game is chelsea. they might end it there for spurs officially just like they messed up liverpool's chances :D
Have to agree with Nautilus on this one. I personally don't rate him all that much
And may it continue for the foreseeable future :)
Newcastle will survive
I want arsenal to finish 5th so i can enjoy some arsenalfantv :)
Lol will be funny if they lose or draw tomorrow :D
Lol definitely need a TL:DR there mate :D
2 weeks ago
De gea won't stay. He's as good as gone. Unless Real is magically banned or something, im fairly certain he will move
3 weeks ago
@Skool - lol we would get relegated :D
1 month ago
Naija stay of drugs please. Your not thinking straight
I think we will stick with van gaal to be honest. i feel we will run out his contract here. There are things going on behind close doors we do not know about as...
2 months ago
@yalgho - thought you were talking about benteke. forgot the OP when i replied to you :D
I don't know which is why i asked cause i have heard conflicting things about this. was hoping a liverpool fan would clarify. @yaldho- he is good but he doesn...
I thought liverpool's transfers were done 100% by their transfer committee. can someone confirm this?
Lol so true. the sterling money went to waste at liverpool
If we can stop arsenal from winning the epl then i say we risk them. i agree that europa should be our main concern but i absolutely hate that team. i want a hu...
Its not going to be easy with our injuries. who is set to be back for that game?
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