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At the age of 20, i witnessed something i never expected to ever see in my life. On 8/28/2011, Manchester United defeated arsenal 8-2. The worse lose to that team since 1896! :D
funniest jokes and pictures relating to this victory -
Wenger after the match.......

Wenger- Honey, i'm home
Wife- Do u want something to eat dear??
Wenger- No, i'm not hungry...u can eat alone
Wife- No, i 8-2 :D
I'd 8-2 be an Arsenal fan right now.
Monday morning.
Arsene Wenger's wife to Arsene Wenger - "Wake up. Its 9 already"
Arsene Wenger - "f**k...When did they score 9th?" :D
Pictures -> http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_CkHU0s0QsYU/TMMEGHCQZDI/AAAAAAAAA2I/rTMYBigJ0_o/s1600/arsenal+coffin.jpg


Of course this is not the end of arsenal and they will bounce back even stronger.

In other news, my fav. national team Netherlands IS WORLD NUMBER 1!!!
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He is making 180k a week in the loan deal.
6 hours ago
If welbeck wants a permenant transfer as said by his agent, then we should drain arsenal. make them pay as much as possible because they don't really have much ...
180,000 a week. i don't know where yall keep pulling this 350k crap from
So many bitter idiots have been coming up with so much bull for how we ended up with him. typical ABU behavior so its best to ignore them
Good for him. really sad he was never given the chance at united. glad to see him back at BVB happy
8 hours ago
I don't mind us getting falcao but i agree with the OP. CB and CMD is the place that needed urgency. i personally would prefer CD over CMD if we have to choose ...
9 hours ago
Lmao absolutely funny comment by snitch. i was trying to find the four top strikers you were referring to Drde.
@Badge- Moyes panic buys
Lmao Real Madrid is getting their ass handed to them 4-2 so far
1 day ago
So far i would say Chelsea for best for similar reasons u named and Southampton for worse. they basically sold their entire squad from last season and have yet ...
Seriously this looks like two bottom table teams competing. what is going on here?
2 days ago
So many united players need to be sold. they are not united quality
Doesn't matter who signed them. s**t is s**t
And with our best performing player off, this is looking to end up as a draw
Isn't it just a loan?
5 days ago
Benik Afobe's goal http://sam-cadet.tumblr.com/post/95855376170/benik-afobe-was-out-here-doing-gods-work
6 days ago
Some of our starters would not even make bench in some midtable teams
1 week ago
Alot of these people are not united quality. they should have been replaced years ago
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