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5 years ago
Arrogant and lazy...
Was wondering what people think about park ji sung retiring. has it been good for the national team? he said that he needed to give younger players a chance, ...
Awesome result! what's hilarious is that japan probably has better more talented players!
Lee keun ho is awesome. it really sucked when psg cancelled his transfer, he probably would have done ok. so now he has to play in the korean second division?...
Really disappointing today. nobody seemed to b that interested. hong seemed to be ok with the draw, but now they have to play team gb who look nothing like th...
Pretty good outing against switzerland. kim bo kyung came to life in the second half. lad seems to b a bit special. swiss right back supposedly made racist r...
Not sure what to make of the game vs. mexico. aren't the mexicans supposed to be really good? did they play like s#$%, or did we play well? i didn't think we...
Not much to talk about... next game in september? i guess we can talk about the olympics when they start. i wonder if i'm going to be able to watch the matche...
Interesting, 박주영 has had his press conference and looks to play in the olympics. going forward it doesn't make sense to keep him out of the squad, especi...
I don't think kwak was entirely to blame for the first goal. when i see a centreback in a footrace with a winger, i'm thinking "where the hell is the fullback?...
Keun ho lee was a beast today. constant whirlwind of action. same for kim bo kyung. choi at right back was a bit suspect. great assist by lee dong gook.
Can anyone explain why park joo ho (fc basel) is being completely overlooked? i don't even know who park won jae is. choi hyo jin is ok, but when has he ever ...
6 years ago
2 cooolz for you mate! cya around the site:)
Players who would be awesome centrebacks if they would only give up on being strikers: suk hyun jun (fc groningen): big f'er, really strong. lee dong gook
I thought they looked lazy against kuwait, but then i found out the temperature was 40C (104F). i don't think i would survive 90 min. in that temperature, let ...
Besides ji sung park, son heung min at 19 years of age is the most talented korean footballer. yet, he has not been selected for any summer matches for the sen...
7 years ago
Just like keystone kops.
I always like to the see the servants of kim jong il lose.
Great job iran!
The military service issue will always hamper korean players efforts to play in europe. THANK YOU NORTH KOREA!!
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