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If we're determining things that need to be eliminated, i nominate bad breath/body odor over spelling and grammatical errors. one can be a typo or simple miscon...
2 years ago
Dude...small to mild infections/viruses are one thing, becoming a paraplegic is another. both of you should just take plenty of fluids and try to relax. hope yo...
LOL and he's a spurs youth player. i wonder if it ever gets awkward when they run into each other.
Yep, the only people proven to be clinical for liverpool this season is gerrard, and opposition players. postmasters '12.
If you guys getting sick is the reason liverpool suddenly showed up after a 3 week disappearance...take one for the team? 10 more games (+fa cup), guys; c'mon.
One thing is painfully clear: he needs some braces. step your game up, on and off the pitch, charlie. you're on tv's across the world, man. agger and skrtel e...
Lucky for you, jesta, i was a professional alcoholic during college. here are a few concoctions that you can sip away at work without getting caught: blackhau...
If it were sunny everyday, the world would be a desert. last season, we played terribly and deserved to lose most of our losses. this season we played much, m...
I agree we've never taken our chances all season. doesn't matter whether if it was a goal scoring opportunity or the teams above us presenting us with a chance ...
Charlie adam has been very underwhelming in my opinion. he’s not terrible statistically nor did he come with an astronomical fee, but i have absolutely no con...
No wonder his english proved dramatically. i mean, the guy always spoke great for somebody new to the language, but that was a complete 180.
While liverpool might be defensively more sound, arsenal's attack is straight silk. it should be a fun match since both teams are so inconsistent and both need ...
Lol same here. it was set-up too perfectly, so i thought i'd joke around. not sure why a spuds supporter got involved, but then again, spurs like hanging around...
To be fair, that isn't exactly a "death threat". i'm gonna come into your house, beat you to death with a wooden spoon, and then wear your skin - that's a dea...
Exactly. who the f--k is man utd? who the f--k is man utd? who the f--k is man utd? as the reds go marching on on on.
Lol you're honestly critiquing them on how they celebrate? that's the sad part, buddy; not the celebrations. yeah, fairly decent enough to beat crystal palace...
Lol just last season we had woy running things...makes me appreciate this so much more.
That cardiff team would have given any other team a run for their money with the amount of heart and dedication they displayed today, and i really hope they mak...
Gooner4lyfe, you're a c**t and a dick. how does that work?
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