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I always want to see Mikhi through the middle.
1 week ago
Not sold on Darmian and Lindelof just yet. I think Rojo might still be better. Where is Shaw btw, still injured?
Great finish by Lukaku, top strikers goal. They say the goal post is still shaking from yesterdays shot.
He never does.
As long as Mou doesn't bench Matic or Herrera for Fellani we are good. The guy works like a donkey, there are some stats from a couple of years ago when he cove...
2 weeks ago
I would be perfectly fine if we don't do business with them again. Freaking pathetic valuations they put just for us. Beckham, Ruud, Ronaldo, Dimaria none of th...
Would take Dembele for 75 million
The extension that Moyes gave Rooney screwed us royally. Can't remember where but I read somewhere that Rooney wanted money to leave untd and let us get out of ...
3 weeks ago
I see what you are saying but its not always about the quantity we should know it full well.
I watched some of his interviews and thought to myself that the dude is smart. Lukaku speaks several languages and seemed very level headed and smart. I agree w...
@Stan182 Than all the Untd fans that were arguing Moratta is better will say Lukaku is better and all the Chelsea fans that were saying Lukaku is better will sa...
It is to be seen how he does here but well played Woody, thoroughly enjoyed how he trolled Madrid.
@Shiwa bar Moyes?
Yes, I am a bit reluctant as well. Especially since we have always been on the receiving end of these coups.
Read what I said again I never said it is confirmed. There is 2 separate news going on on this. Rooney's high wages means clubs won't want to pay much for him i...
@Shiwa Yes I think Rooney goes the other way. His high wages mean that we don't get any fees for him, he for sure made out the best for himself. @Xgooner I dou...
It's not always about profit, even in the corporate world. It is one of those good-willed things that you do because you love the sport and give Ladies a chance...
1 month ago
He is not going to cost a lot and will work his ass off for Mou. Wouldn't mind getting him but would like another midfielder in addition to him.
Dom we see eye to eye on this. Morata will be a good signing but I will be very glad if we get Dembele or Mbappe and let Martial and Rashford play up front. W...
@SIF because I watched a few of his games and was very impressed. Knowing that Dortmund has sold their best players every time a decent offer came, I thought th...
8 months ago
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