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I agree overconfidence verging on arrogance was his issue. On one hand, we have Smalling who gets rid of the ball without thinking at all like is a grenade and ...
Focusing our attention away from the blame game for a minute, what do you think is going on with Baily? He started so well and looked like he is going to be a w...
2 days ago
Cmon guys, I appreciate your loyalty to the club and manager but spending cannot be the main reason for our lackluster performance. Spurs by that logic should b...
3 days ago
Ok, I see most of us have accepted that City is ahead of us because we don't spend as much as them. What is our excuse when it comes to Spurs and Liverpool?
So true City players showed more urgency than us in pressing and winning the ball back when they were up 3-1, I don't understand how we can continuously ignore ...
4 days ago
Bailly is a mystery. Another promising player that showed glimpses of brilliance at moments. The thing I dislike about Smalling the most is how he kicks the bal...
1 week ago
Why do you guys think he hasn't done better, he looked like a real talent. Is it that he is not versatile and is not getting a chance because he can't replace M...
Dembele for sure around 80 mil. As great as Bale is, it's too big of a risk considering his injury record unless he comes dirt cheap, which won't happen. That s...
Whole team was invisible in the first half so it will be harsh to judge Sanchez on that. Rashford has some ways to go. I feel like defenders have figured him ou...
A couple of WTF moments in the game which could be so decisive. Rashford's slamming the ball into keeper from 6 yards out when he could have easily placed it an...
Or you can look at the bright side and say all it took for them was the right manager and he sorted things out in the first season. We have some real quality pl...
What's happening with Dembele? Do you guys see him staying for long?
2 weeks ago
Guy has been treated unfairly for far too long. He is very much a confidence player and will only get better after performances like that. Can we say he is the ...
We are a better team with Lingard. I like his energy and he is probably the only player who presses high on the pitch.
Wasn't impressed at all by Rashford. I am actually worried for the guy now. We have such high expectations from him but he has not improved at all in the last c...
SanchezAlexis I think that argument is dead. I am no Mou fan but it will be interesting to see what Pep can do at a club like Porto with literally nothing to sp...
3 weeks ago
Goal difference of -1 after 9 games. Does someone has any stats from previous years on this? For all the attacking football City is playing and committing playe...
Lingard does more in midfield than Ramsey tbh
1 month ago
Haha Maxmaxima, totally agree. The hostile environment is not going to help the youngsters or anyone for that matter.
Dont need another mediocre player
1 year ago
5 years ago
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