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Didn't quite understand the subs today.
6 days ago
Isn't he the highest paid GK?
1 week ago
Not a fan to be honest.
They won't admit it but between Matic and Costa they lost a lot of quality and the replacements haven't been up to the mark.
Could you imagine if we had Salah playing on the right in this United team? Great business by Liverpool, what a player he is turning out to be.
This is the last piece to the puzzle, getting goals and points away against top 6. We have made progress against mid and lower table teams that we struggled to ...
2 weeks ago
Terrible if correct. Mail it to Mou. How many draws though?
I see your point but why do you only show up after a loss? The fact that we were able to sign players like Pogba, Alexis, and Baily grants some credit to Mou, d...
Media sold you s**t and you took a big bite out of it. Don't let the hate blind you.
Can't find a single post about the total cost of that deal. No mention of agent fee, total salary during the contract etc.
Gonna be tough, hope we can play Sanchez and Martial together.
@Franky source for those numbers? Could you put a net amount for Coutinho deal as well?
Well deserved. I have been backing him since the beginning, even when Mou wasn't playing him a lot last season. He is a very gifted player but saying he is bett...
3 weeks ago
TO be honest I haven't seen Griezmann play a lot but how much better is he compared to inform Ozil or Mahrez? Just comparing him to other left-footed players.
I hope so and hope that Mou is patient with him as well. I just don't want him to become another victim of English media hyping English players. I remember ther...
Not saying Lustatue is a better player but just a comparison since both players play upfront for their respective clubs and a lot of people tend to think that G...
Is any one else worried about Rashford's form lately. His decision making and shooting has been poor recently. The kid works hard and has great attitude, I don'...
Great thing is we have a good core of players now and are not desperate for players. Any new signings should be top quality and even one of those signings will ...
@SanchezAlexis too salty bud. We have our fair share of pessimistic fans, don't need to take names. The contrast you are seeing is between the pessimists and th...
So excited about this, we finally have a solid team. Mou just need to figure out the formation to get the best out of the guys. Can't wait for the next game.
1 year ago
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