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Definitely better ball control which helps stay composed in the middle, that's what Matic has as well compared to some of our recent midfielders.
2 days ago
Sorry Shiwa didn't mean to take a shot at you, just frustrated by the general execution at the club in last few years. We always seem to be reacting to the situ...
1 week ago
As much as everyone wants a CB and fullbacks to be added before the deadline, I really can't watch Mata as a starter on the right anymore. His lack of pace and ...
Hardly something to brag about, it actually reflects poorly on us to take this long to have a YT channel. Really falling behind times.
^^ Still not stopping him from shagging some of us.
2 weeks ago
He should have been a world cup winner if not for Mou. How can he ever get over that? I wouldn't blame him if he leaves.
If a team spends on Mbappe they will be set for 15 years for that position. The way market has been going could you imagine how much a good attacking player is ...
1 month ago
That was almost a decade ago man. If you invest that 80 mil in Amazon it would be worth over 1.6 billion dollars right now. Even investing it straight into the ...
He would cost twice as much if he was in starting eleven. This Brazil we are talking about not England, Korea etc.
Their population is just above 300k. Definitely underdogs
2 months ago
Agreed! I just couldn't imagine how the board could be ok with letting him go. It sends the wrong signal to other talented youngsters and will be a disaster.
COmpletely agree with SIF, he was our best attacking player in first half of the season. It will be a shame to lose him, we have been crying for a player like h...
I don't think he was challenged enough due to the defensive setup of Mou's team. He is quite poor 1v1, I am not sold on him at all.
Lustatue, sell him while we can still get some money for him.
@Joey true, there are plenty of kids in school that play soccer but still, I think the best talent goes to the other sports first. It's rare for non-immigrants(...
Americans made their own sports because they didn't want to follow in the footsteps of Brits after freedom was gained. America did everything differently sports...
Lindelof is the worst of the bunch, he only gets the benefit of the doubt because he is new. We will see how long before you lose your patience with him.
How old do they say he is 36? We know most African players rig their age by 3-4 years. Have to say his self-obsession and belief even at that age is impressive.
A risky bet, coming from Ukraine he could be a hit or a miss. Mou has been good in the transfer window so gets the benefit of the doubt from me. Is he significa...
Sounds legit
1 year ago
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