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The through passes from bayern were crazy... like pressing Y on the xbox controller.
Is mueller allowed to do that for the third goal? looked like a basketball pick-and-run technique haha.
5 years ago
Omg! the last goal is so horrible! malaga's first might have been marginally offside, but dortmund's last was .... omg so poor. 3 players were clearly offside, ...
Well said. f!#k naysayers
Forget mert, santos is true to the brazil stereotype of defending...
Best comment of the match
Somewhere on FootyTube
Well we don't quite miss you, but great interview! have some crazeh thigh muscles on you to make that stretch like that
Suarez fits the rodgers do sterling, sahin...not sure about stevie g though. his decision making needs a makeover. pulis shouldn't complain about s...
Im just thinking ... in the past 2 games...the opponents seem to be getting better countering the carzola-arteta central play ... thank god we have great winger...
I hate to say this as a fan but the jokes ring true. Mertesacker has the turning reaction and radius of the the titanic.
The new CB nightmare: seeing Diaby charge at full throttle. That guy could run down a truck if he wants to
Their strikers weren't up to mark as a unit. reduced to set pieces and long range shots for most part.
What are you smoking? thanks
Well-played chelsea. it's amazing how barca are so effective and willing to play their balls into tight spaces. how the heck do they keep getting those little t...
Man we really missed arteta. if anything it just highlighted the need to strengthen the side. there isn't a good replacement for rvp and any of the 3 central mi...
6 years ago
Blessing in disguise; maybe AOC and benayoun can be given greater chances to shine now. im crossing my fingers so hard for diaby to come through for us these la...
No such thing as pen and yellow for last man. he had to give the red. if it was the other way round we'd be calling it harsh for sure
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