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"A training school is an official designation, awarded by the Department for Children, Schools and Families, to schools in England that provide exceptional faci...
7 years ago
It's the FA cup guys. He is joking. It is sarcasm. Worry not.
I'm sure an FA cup rematch is what Arsenal needed most right now...I guess Wenger benched a few important players (didn't watch it) and I haven't seen the perfo...
Oh, Spanish refereeing. Sometimes it goes your way, sometimes it goes the other. This time it was Barça getting an offside goal and not getting a rather eviden...
(and I'm not hating here. This IS a kind of quality, like it or not. Bayern used to drive me mad for years like that, only I like United better than Bayern)
Oh United...this team is so good at succeeding via questionable performances that sometimes it just makes me wonder HOW Fergie does it
Nope, not true. When it bounced off Pedro's head, that counted as a pass, correct. For that reason it was extremely close and so I'm not saying the ref/assistan...
Two people voted "I feel asleep". Go watch Desperate Housewives or something.
Great game. I think a draw would have been fair, but I'm not gonna start bitching. Arsenal played a great second half and Barça got a little sloppy. Too bad Me...
Nice 1 Raul. Not like Valencia shouldn't have won this by about two goals tho...
Gattuso behaved like a moron, but Flamini was way worse. Horrible tackle, and even if you say that stuff can happen, check out how he complains to the ref becau...
I'm not a United fan, but that goal deserves any three points in the world
The first half sucked, the second wasn't bad. I don't think this game is all that significant, you just can't breeze through a season and win every single match...
Instead of name-calling your team, i'll say this: messi scored about a third of barcelona's goals in la liga. subtract them, and they got about 46 goals. that's...
Haha yeah, wait till some sheik gets hold of fricking Sheffield Wednesday or something, and off he is
He does have potential, it's just that I think he could, for instance, go to a smaller club (in one of the big leagues, however) on loan, get to play A LOT more...
Very satisfying. The only neg is that Bojan just won't break the spell. I'm afraid he might be turning into the kind of player whose talent was extolled a littl...
It's a bit early to call it a season, but 7 points is quite bad for Real. Plus, if they finish equal on points then as far as I know it's direct encounters firs...
Not the greatest match, but it's a privilege to support a team that allows you to say that after a 3-0 away win
Yeah, I wouldn't know about anyone involved in the team itself, players, manager, club officials, talking like they were facing Partizan Belgrade. That's the me...
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